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"Until Heaven and Earth pass away ...                          
 until it all comes true."  (Matthew 5:18)
On this page we will list and link to some of our unusual web pages and sites and try to address our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
# 1
"What does 'hierogamous' mean?!"
    That it is our most frequently asked question is the reason why we chose the hopefully more easily remembered "" domain name. "Hierogamous" comes from the Greek roots "hiero-" and "-gamous", "hiero-" as in "hieroglyphics" meaning "holy or sacred" and "-gamous" as in "monogamous" meaning "marriage or union". Together they mean the union of two opposites into a synergistic new something better than either.          
      Examples would be Heaven and Earth combining to make the Cosmos, the H and the E from Hierogamous and Enterprises combining to make the cross in our logo, a man and a woman uniting to make a married couple, God and man uniting in the God-man, Jesus.

  "What do the crossed "words" atop the column to the left, AMDG and JMJ mean, if anything?"
   They refer to the motto of the Jesuits, "Ad Majorem Dei Gloria" (Latin for "For the greater glory of God") and to the Holy Family -- Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The whole makes a cross, the sign of the Christian faith. Thus the web site is dedicated, whatever strange areas into which it might delve, to the mind-boggling hierogamies of us glorifying God, holy families and redemptive suffering!
About Us tells about the Hierogamous Enterprises staff.
American Mensa, the high IQ society to which Michael Joseph Halm belongs
the André Joyce Fan Club web site is hosted by Razilee Mary Purdue remembering a not-to-be forgotten pataphysicist
anthropics is that branch of cosmology that seems to all but prove that the universe was custom made for us
Calendar refers to the calendar used by the Fortean Mysteries SIG, the Anno Confusionis calendar, but is related to the Fortean, Martian, Pataphysical Calendar, New Reckoning and Nojokan Calendar
Delta Schwa is a group founded by Razilee Mary Purdue to celebrate and investigate the feminine side in everyone
GAMES is a compendium featuring dominissimo, a supergame, like Charles Hoy Fort's supercheckers, invented by André Joyce
JOKES is Michael Joseph Halm's cartoon series printed in My People newspaper
Eg 'n' Art's Almanac is a work in progress by the Fortean Mysteries SIG
extra-cosmology is the science dealing with that which lies outside the known universe
LYRICS is that branch of folklore studies dealing with fantastic or futuristic folk songs, of which these are anonymous or our own Spiek D'Vel'Nor's
Fortean Mysteries SIG Michael Joseph Halm's American Mensa Special Interest Group investigating the things Science cannot explain in the manner of Charles Hoy Fort
the Galactic Registry is a place to register your place in the universe, your very own galaxy!, a service of the IDIC Institute
the late, great shire of Glengliondrach was founded by Percival de Toulouse
Googology is a branch of large number theory pioneered by Andre Joyce
Hierogonometry is a branch of mathematics combining topology and game theory involving "hierogons" pioneered by  André Joyce
the Holmesian Studies SIG -- Michael Joseph Halm's American Mensa Special Interest Group featuring serious and playful studies into Sherlock Holmes
Iota Eta Sigma is a companion group to Delta Schwa
Jootsy Calculus is a branch of pataphysics, a specialty of André Joyce
Mama Mia is a webpage dedicated to the patroness of Delta Schwa
Merology is an alternative to numerology, this version of which was popularized by André Joyce
the Militia Immaculata, aka the Knights of the Immaculate, is a group founded by St. Maximillian Kolbe to which Michael Joseph Halm belongs
the Mythopoeic SIG is Michael Joseph Halm's American Mensa Special Interest Group dealing with past and present myth-creations in manner of J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis and Charles Williams
New Reckoning is on the Fourth Age calendar in use for over 8 millennia
Oogology is a branch of surreal number theory pioneered by André Joyce
Our Publications features those few projects we have actually published
Pataphysics is that science dealing with what lies beyond metaphysics
psionics is that discipline which attempts to practically apply preternatural gifts, what Charles Hoy Fort called wild talents
the St. Suaire web page features a very special interest of the Fortean Mysteries SIG, the Holy Shroud
soul food is, as it literally would imply, food for one's soul
Surakisms are wise or witty saying in the tradition of Surak of Vulcan
URUNIMI exemplifies the many apparently not-so-obvious obvious truths that Delta Schwa was organized to remind us of
the Vulcan web page promotes diversity, life, truth and beauty while informing about Vulcans and Vulcanthropes
xenology  is the study of sentient alien life forms, an activity in which the IDIC Institute hopes will result in the Encyclopedia Xenologica
xoology is the study, related to that of xenology, of animal alien life forms