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      Psionics, the discipline dealing with practical application of preternatural powers, has become quite highly developed by the Vulcans as both art and science, though naturally poorly understood among non-telepathic races. It was made a requirement for entry into the Inter-Galactic Council, used for faster-than-light (FTL) communication and to detect and fight machine and artificial intelligences (MIs, AIs).
                      A glossary of basic terms may be a good place to begin.
 LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS                                        MULTI-PLY MINDMELDINGS
  1: subconsciousness                                                                  (Mentor of Arisia)
  2: subnormal consciousness (hypnogogic)                2-ply: power over a family, couple
  3: normal consciousness                                          3-ply: power over a society, triumvirate
  4: supernormal consciousness (SSP)                       4-ply: power over a world
  5: psychic consciousness                                        5-ply: power to over a galaxy
  8: mediumistic consciousness                                  6-ply: power over space-time                                   
  9: empathic consciousness                                      7-ply: power over hyperdimensions                    
10: telepathic consciousness                                                
11. mindmelding consciousness (grokking)                      KINDS OF CLOSE ENCOUNTERS                    
12. zygophrenic consciousness (gestalt)                                          (Jim McKeever)
                                                                                                CE1K: sighting
                                                                                                CE2K: physical evidence
INTERSTELLAR RELATIVE SAPIENCE CODE                         CE3K: physical contact
                     (William Sleator)                                                CE4K: communication
IRSC   5: self-conflicted                                                            CE5K: commitment
IRSC 10: world-destroyer                                                           CE6K: transformation
IRSC 100: teachable fool                                                           CE7K: union (grokking)
IRSC 150: truthteller          

              (Christina Larner)
A1: simple manipulation of supernatural powers
A2: dangerous manipulation of simple supernatural powers
a1: limited manipulation of simple supernatural powers
a2: dangerous but limited use of simple supernatural powers
B: ritualized  individual manipulation of supernatural powers
C1: ritualized group manipulation of supernatural powers
C2: ritualized group manipulation of supernatural powers with demonophany (CE2K)
C3: fully ritualized group manipulation with human sacrifice (CE3K-CE7K)

AB: A is reading B's mind
ABA: A is reading 'B is reading A's mind" in B's mind
ABAB: A is reading '"B is reading 'A is reading B's mind' in B's mind
ABAH: A is reading 'B is reading A's mind" in B's mind but hiding it from B's mind
ABH: A is reading B's mind but hiding it from B's mind
BA: B is reading A's mind
BAB: B is reading "A is reading B's mind" in A's mind
BABH: B is reading "A is reading B's mind" in A's mind but is hiding it from A's mind
CAB: C is reading "A is reading B's mind" in A's mind
CAHB: C is reading "A is reading B's mind" in A's mind and hiding it from A's mind
CABH: C is reading "A is reading B's mind" in A's mind and hiding it from B's mind
CHAB: C is reading "A is reading B's mind" in A's mind and hiding it from both a's mind and B's mind

 (Task Force Games)
9: Srunihki -- general amateur psionic discipline
8: Surini Maklar -- psionic discipline devoted to acquisition and manipulation of raw data, or factual knowledge
7: Vesehr of Trak -- (Traken) psionic discipline devoted to the perfection of one's own physical form and physical world
6:Srenkon De Kafli -- an offshoot of the Korini Dercou, who instead of avoiding the enemy, take control of their minds and render them incapable of commiting any hostile acts.
5: Paktoc Kelfee  -- (Kelfeen) psionic discipline devoted to the development of pure intellect, abstract philosophy, meditation
4: Tenets of Serin -- (Serinen) psionic discipline devoted to healing, especially mental illnesses
3: Korini Dercou -- psionic discipline devoted to stealth, gile, obfuscution and misdirection without outright dishonesty
2: Path of Mey'lar -- (Mey'laren) psionic discipline devoted to Travellers, dedicated to perception (time, space and reality) and learning in art, science, philosophy
1: Path of J'haniar -- (J'haniaren) psionic discipline devoted to telepathy and mindmeldering
0: Klonik Path -- (Kloniken) psionic non-discipline combining the other nine in llogical, unexpected ways

acathisa: power to continue in motion indefinately
agnosia -- power to selectively not recognize something familiar
amaurosis -- power to not see
amnesia -- power to forget one's own past
analgesia -- power ignore pain
apportation: psychokinetic power to bring distant objects near (2 Kg 4:2-7, Mt 14:19, 15:32, etc.)
archetype -- original model after which all similar things are patterned
assumption: supposition of truth, for the sake of logic
autistic thinking -- power to use daydream (delusions,hallucinations, fantasies, imaginary companions, superego) to arouse ambition, deal with emotions, escape pressures
autolevitation: psychokinetic power limited to own body
autoscopy -- power to see one's self as others see you
autosuggestion: power of conscious self to influence subconscious
belief: state or habit of trustfulness in incertainty
belle indifference -- power to accept with calm other powers
capgras syndrome -- power to recognize others' doubles
catalepsy -- power to continue immobile indefinitely
chod: voluntary, ritualized possession
chromesthesia -- power to experience other sensations as color (pitch = brightness, volume = size)
clairaudience -- power to hear what is not present to hearing
clairvoyance: power to "see" distant, past or future things unknowable via telepathy
Clang association: what sound-alikes have connecting them
compulsion -- power to do work with meticulous care until goal is reached
conception: generic idea conceived by "imagineering"
confabrication -- filling in gaps in memory with fiction
cryptaesthesia: power to know hidden things (Mt 17:27)
cryptaesthesia -- power to perceive what is hidden
cryptoscopy: controlled cryptaesthesia
Cumberlandism: pseudo-telepathic reading of muscle movements
delusion: false belief or opinion strongly held despite invalidating evidence
demonophany: appearance of a malevolent supernatural power in visible form (CE1K)
depersonalization syndrome -- power to think and act like ghost, robot, undead, zombi
denial -- power to ignore unreal despite all evidence to the contrary
dereistic thinking -- power to go beyond reality, experience or logic
dermo-optic perception: power to see with skin, especially finger tips
dixit: unconfirmed, sometimes dogmatic, statement
doppelganger: spirit double, "ghost" of someone still living
doxastic: pertaining to mere opinion
eidetic imaging: power to remember everything seen
eidolon: ghost
ellogic: [illogic:?:logic, with syllabic ll-] between logic and illogic, see Clang association, cluttering, dysgrammatism, dyslexia, spoonerism, Ganser syndrome, jargonaphasia, metonymy, neologisms, portmanteaux, parapraxis, strephosymbolia, verbigeration, word salad
empathy: power to understand and share another's mental state
encredible: [pronounced "en-kred-ih-buhl"] between credible and incredible
endiablee: put the devil into someone
energumen: demonically possessed person
ensanity: [sanity:?:insanity, with syllabic n-, Tib. bardo] intermediate state between sanity and insanity
epignostics: study of otherwise unknowable revealed knowledge (Col 1:9)
esper: person with powers of extrasensory perception
ESPionage: use of psychic powers to spy
euhererism: theory that all myths have factual basis
extranormal: beyond ordinary normal to extraordinary normal
faith: beilef without sufficient evidence
fancy: caprious or delusive imaginings
fantasy: free, unreaistic, improbable imaginings
fideism: dependance on faith rather than reason
flense: : strip covering off of
flexanimosity: mental flexibility
folie a deux: hallucination shared by two persons
fugue -- amnesia and creation of new identity (persona) via confabrication, paramnesia
galeanthrope: were-cat
glamour: power to create ilusion in another
grandiosity: power to recognize one's self as powerful,wealthy, important world-saver
Ganser syndrome: power to give slight off answers
gedankenexperimenting: purely mental, often non-logical, hypotheticalizing and inference
gestalt: so unified as to be an integral whole rather than as the mere sum of parts, 12th level consciousness
grokking:  power to form so strong an empathic or telepathic bond as to become nearly gestalt, 11th level consciousness
haecceity: that which makes something or someone different from anything or anyone else
hallucinating: power to sense what others do not as inhypnogogic state (‚cho des pens‚es, "voices in head", visual,olfactory, gustatory, tactile, kinesthetic)
hiering: power to receive telepathically
hozh'q: [Navaho] beauty not only in eye but also heart of beholder and spreading to rest of creation
hyperaemia: power to direct blood and bodily fluids to diseased or injured part of one's body
hyperaesthesia: extremely heightened powers of perception, SSP
hypermnesia: extreme power of remembrance, total recall
hypnogogic: related to the state between sleep and wakefulness, level 2 consciousness
idea: transcendental reality pattern
illusionist: person with power by encouraging presumption or misperception to spread erroneous concept or belief
image: common conception symbolizing a basic attitude
imbosk: hide or conceal
impression: externally stimulated, vague idea
inspiration: influence or action upon intellect or emotions by supernatural agent
hypnoidal -- pretrance, eye closing, relaxation
intuition -- immediate asensual insight
invisiblity: power to make others not see you (Lk 4:30)
jamais vu -- experiencing unfamiliarity in familiar, mooreeffooc effect
jargonaphasia: power to speak jargon
jaunting: self-teleportation
Jesus factor: power that prevents Humans from self-anihilation
jootsy thinking: [Jump-Out-Of-The-System anagram] thinking outside "the box"
kalokagathia: that which is both good nd beautiful
kenobe: expert
knowledge: fact known familiarly, experienced
levitation: psychokinetic power to raise an object against gravity (2 Kgs 6:6)
limen: awareness borderline
logology: study of the power of words, especially the spoken word
LPSM: [logopsychosomatic medicine] holistic healing that includes words that affect mind and therefore also body  
lusionist: person with power to turn minds to the truth and away from illusion
macropsia: power to see irrespective of distance, "telescopic vision"
mandala: labyrinth useful in traversing more mysterious interior path
masochism: power to find pain pleasureful
materialization: hyperdimensional manifesting in space-time
metonymy: power to speak in euphemisms
mindswapping: CE7K with loss of self-identity
mooreeffooc effect: [coffeeroome ananym] experiencing familiar in a new way
mulct: take away by trickery
narcolepsy: powery  to instantly fall asleep
nauscopy: power to see afar off, beyond "telescopic vision"
neologism: newly coined word made by portmanteauing, punning, slip of tongue
noemics: study of understanding
noology: study of intuition
noopneustia: immediate and direct intraspiritual influence without use of imagination, "suggestion"
notion: vague, tentative or chance idea
noumena:intuitive evidence as opposed to phenomena
nvisiblity: state between visibility and invisibility
nying-tul: [Tibetan] tertiary tulpa, subcreation's subcreation's subcreation
oob: [out-of-body] power to see own body as if from outside
opinion: view, judgement or appraisal
oxplo: [occult exploitation] ignorant promotion of occultism to ignorant
paralogic thinking illogically, llogically or jootsically
parapsychology: collective term for study of all that is paranormal
parapsychophysics: study of psychokinetics, apportation, levitation
parapsychophysiology: study of stigmata
phantom: something seen, heard or sensed but unreal
phrontistery: place for study and contemplation
pilpul: ingenious, hair-splitting,penetrating argument
pistology: study of faith
poltergeist: [Germ. "noisy spirit"] rap agent
postcognition: power to know past events, sometimes mistaken for inherited memory or reincarnation evidence
PPO: [permanently paranormal object} object with supernatural power, fka relic
praying: power to make supernatural changes by words or ritual
precognition: power to know the future not predictable or knowable via telepathy, usually in dream or daydream
premonition: unfocused sensation of future event, hunch
prognostics: science linking exeligmology with pronetics
prophesy: power to know unknowable by normal means
psychometry: touch postcognition
psychophonics: phone ring precognition
psychotronics: study of psi phenomena as a practical bio-energy source
psytocracy: society artificially stabilized by behavior control technology
psywar: psionic warfare
pyrolysis: psychokinetic power to start fires
pysmatics: question asking, not necessarily answer finding
rapport: harmonious, mutual confidence-building connection between two minds, can be influenced by others' minds
RSPK:[repetitive spontaneous PK] non-supernatural polt
sabsung: [Thai] quenching an inexpressible emotional or spiritual thirst
spieking: power to transmit telepathically
spoekenkiek: power to see spirits
SSP: [super-sensory perception] above normal, but not paranormal, perception, 4th level consciousness
strephosymbolia: letter reversal
syntheresis: power to know supreme principles of being, thought, morality
teleacoustic: having to do with rappings
teleathesia: power to perceive from a distance
telek: ["telekinetic" contraction] person with telekinetic powers
telekinesis: power tomove from a distance
telepathy: mind-to-mind communication, often mistaken for pseudosciences such as chiromancy, graphology, ideodynamics; can be hallucinogenic, illusionistic, llusionistic
teleplastics: usually mere hallucination, but sometimes spiritual action upon material guided by human intelligence
thermoneurosis: power to control own body temperature
thought: result of meditation, reflection or ratiocination
tulpation: creation of tulpa, manifestation of (deep, dark) subcreation or C2 supernatural power
understanding: grasp, comprehension of general relations of the particular
verbigeration: power to repeat seemingly meaningless phrases
vorganger: usually invisible but audible harbinger or premonition
wabi: [Jap.] flaw that produces more beautiful, unique whole
wei-wu-wei: [Chin.] conscious inaction, doing nothing at the proper time and for the proper reason
yang-tul: [Tib.] secondary tulpa, subcreation's subcreation
yoin: [Jap.] experience that continues to work interiorly long after initial stimuli linking past and present, experience and experiencer
yugen: [Jap.] awareness of creation so intense as to trigger feelings too deep and mysterious for words
zygophrenia: "Siamese-twin" mental state, 12th level consciousness