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  On this page we will explore, as infinitesimally as that is possible,  that infinitude which makes infinite diversity and infinite combinations possible, that which is outside of this finite cosmos we usually live  in.
   The cosmos began several billion years ago as an extension in ten-dimensional space-time. It could therefore have been much more compact than the present four-dimensional space-time, a mere 10-to-the-minus-100 cc, compared to the present 10     . The Uncaused Cause of the origin of the cosmos must, by necessity, exist outside of space-time and paradoxically outside of cause-and-effect.
   The spacial configuration of an extremal blackhole (i. e., with mass and charge as small as a subatomic particle) is such that interchangability of space and time, mass and energy, is possible. The six mattergyless dimensions ("the invisible" ) set up double event horizons capturing information (negentropy) and entropy. "The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever." (Dt 29:29)
   Some of the revelations have been about "before time began", pretime, when grace was given us in Christ Jesus, when eternal life was promised us, when Wisdom was appointed as co-Creator, chosen, loved and glorified by the Father,
  According to the J. B. Priestley interpretation of Dunne's Serial Time Theory "time number one" is identified as experiential time,  "time number two" as "self-observational" or dream time and "time number three" judgemental time. Anything observed in the lowwer dimensions would be observable from the higher ones, but usually only unobserved ("invisible") interaction between dimensions would be permitted by the time paradox exclusion (anti-bilking) principle.