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 "Whoever does the will of My heavenly Father is
 brother and sister and mother to Me." (Matthew 12:50)
  The  Delta  Schwa  "soulrority"  is  unique  in  that  its members  do  not  actually  meet.  It  is  an  on-line, virtual  sisterhood open to any gender,  open  to  all those  willing  to  open  up  to  their  "feminine"  side  no matter  what  their  apparent  or  actual  biological gender,  virtual  sisters,
   It is a "soul-rority", a gathering together of many (hopefully)  kindred  souls.  It will  be  a  place  we  can  all  freely  explore  the  softer, gentler,  nurturing,  subjective,  intuitive  areas  of  our personalities,  the  rightbrainedness  that  has  been  so neglected  and  undervalued  in  modern  Western civilization.
   The  name  comes  from  the  traditional Greek  letters used  for  sororities  and  fraternities,  for  dental consonant  "d",  and  the  non-traditional  Germano-Hebraic   symbol  for  the  unstressed  neutral  vowel, which  together  make:
"Duh!",  the  universal  expression  for  the  acknowledgement of  the  obvious.
  The  sorority  was  founded  by Razilee Purdue (pictured  top left),  was  inspired  to  a  great  degree  by  The  Bliss  of  Becoming  One!: Integrating  "Feminine"  Feelings  Into  the  Male  Psyche   by Rachel  Miller (pictured  next  on left) and  Writing  on  Both  Sides  of  the  Brain  by Henriette  Anne  Klauser (next  to  the  left).
     Razilee                             Rachel                          Henriette