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Our Mother
             HOLY MARY
    Lk 1:28, 35              c1994 by Razilee Purdue
"Holy Mary is the one I choose!
Holy Mary is the one I choose!
Holy Mary is the one I choose!"
Is what the Father said!

Holy Mary chose to do His will.
Holy Mary chose to do His will.
Holy Mary chose to do His will
And so His Son was born!

                  LOVELY MARY
                            c 2000 by Razilee Purdue
I love Mary. Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Yes, I do.
I love Mary. Yes, I do. Lovely Mary.

I love Mary. Do you you too? Do you too? Do you too?
I love Mary. Do you too? Lovely Mary.

Jesus loves her. We should too. We should too. We should too.
Jesus loves her. We should too. Lovely Mary.

                   JESUS' MOTHER
                            c1995 by Michael J. Halm
Jesus' mother was a virgin and handmaiden to her Lord,
So she gave her whole self to Him, to her Father, most adored.
Jesus' mother suffered with Him when her Son died on the cross,
When her heart felt pain and sorrow far surpassing human loss.
Jesus' mother now is with Him, reigning as His queen of hearts,
Pouring blessings on her children, all the graces He imparts.

             MARY, PLEASE PRAY
                            c1997, 2000 by Michael J. Halm
Mary the immaculate, Mary our queen,
Mary the most blessed this world's ever seen,
Please pray to King Jesus then give us His grace
To, with His Kingly powers, our weaknes replace.

Mary virgin mother, Mary holy,
Mary who did God's will O so faithfully,
Please pray to our Father and pray to your Son
And too to the Spirit until our new life's begun.

Mary of grace most filled, Mary most pure,
Mary whose every prayer is answered for sure,
Please pray to our Savior and bid Him, we ask,
To grant to us grace as we work on this day's task.

Mary most beautiful, Mary fair,
Mary the virgin who loves with motherly care,
Please pray to dear Jesus and plead with Him now
To give to us wisdom and much-needed knowhow.

Mary, who's queen here below and above
Give to your children a heartful of love.
May it last forever and forever be true
And my it be us through whom it comes through.

Mary, whose graces heal every wound,
Give us every blessing; give us every boon.
May our hearts love now as never before
Today and tomarrow and forever more.

Mary, who gave all so we Love could have,
Give us all we need, that all-healing Salve,
So all of our past is turned to the good
And all of our hearts' dreams come true as they should.

                PRAY TO MOTHER MARY
                                       c1994 by Michael J. Halm
Pray to the one who gave Him birth, mother Mary.
Pray to the queen of Heaven and Earth,  mother Mary.
Pray to God Who showed her worth, mother Mary.

Pray that all on Earth be saved, mother Mary,
No longer to sin enslaved, mother Mary,
God's own children, well-behaved, mother Mary.

Pray the Spirit's power release, mother Mary,
Over all everlasting peace, mother Mary,
So all war and fighting cease, mother Mary

                      SANTA MARIA
            Proverbs 31:14                                c1997 by Michael J. Halm
Sing of her, the ship with treasure,
Worth far more than all Earth's gold,
Promised to us from our Father
And delivered as foretold.
Santa, santa, santa,  wholly holy Maria!
Santa, santa, santa,  wholly holy Maria!

Sing of her, the ship Bread bearing,
That is made from finest wheat,
Beaten on Good Friday morning,
Served up Manna honeysweet.

Sing of her who bore the lone Pearl,
The One outworth allthe rest.
Praise the one who gave her all
To give to us the very Best.

Sing of her who brings us true Love,
Love that'll live beyond time,
Truth that conquers death and Satan
And guides us to that joy sublime.
Immaculate Conception                       Immaculate Heart                               Mary of Nazareth

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