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Dear Mike, Thank you so much for your book. I checked out your web site, very good. Did you make it up? How did you do all that? Hope to talk to you soon, Lori

referring to the Sherlock Holmes SIG --
Is this SIG still alive and well?

  Hello Michael,
I am interested in joining your SIG.  Do you have any information to provide?  Tell me more!

Jeff Orzechowski Thanks!  This works now.  Very interesting web site.  Most unusual.  I don't think that
have never known a religious Mensa member before.  
    Years ago I was involved in several social affairs during which my department at a local university was trying to recruit new faculty.  When discussing our city with the new "recruits," I found myself saying on about four separate occasions, "Well, the weather we are having now is unusual."  I finally decided that we have no usual weather here.  In a like fashion, I would presume that Mensa had no usual members (I guess that would be true by definition, wouldn't it?).  I  know one Mensa member who was born Jewish, became Catholic and is now an avowed atheist! Joel Senter

Hey, Mike and Razilee! This is my first time visiting your website, and it's great!! I''m quite impressed. I looked at the Works in Progress section and was wowed by the amount of things to come. Keep up the good work! ~Liz Egan

      Your site is interesting though, as yet, somewhat confusing. I did check out your alternative calendar - trying to figure out duodecembers might lead to duodenual ulcers.
     My college age daughter recently told me about the ghost inhabiting her new house. Well, the house is new to her and her roommates. It's actually about 15 years old, not at all spooky and hardly seems like a house or a neighborhood to support a ghost. The ghost mainly made its presence known by tapping on windows and opening and closing doors, and by repeatedly trying to open a closet door blocked by furniture. It didn't seem threatening or scary. One evening she was trying to study and it was making noise so she told it to leave. A few minutes later she heard her roommate down the hall yell "Get out of here!" and a few minutes later the third roommate told it to leave his room. It then came back into her room and she told it "If you're going to stay in here you have to be quiet". And it did be quiet. She found out that the neighbors already knew about the ghost because sometimes their dogs would go crazy barking at nothing. Hey, this is in Lubbock, Texas, the buckle on the Bible belt.
     My daughter and I had never discussed ghosts before. I didn't believe in them (I was a hard science type and an Army officer) until I moved in with her mother long before daughter was even thought about. She had a poltergeist who turned lights and radios off and on, moved things around (never anything in our presence but sometimes in our sleep. Never a sense of a physical presence. We moved two or three times and each time we moved it would take a few weeks to find us. Then it would start again. Finally we moved half way across the country and it never showed up again.
    Don't know if this fits your class of Fortean mysteries or not. - Dr Ed Rowland, El Paso, TX.

        I am a new Mensa member and I would like to receive information or be
directed to a web site regarding Mythopoeic.  Thank you.
Michael Yancey

       I am a fan of Lewis, MacDonald and Tolkien.  I also enjoy Chesterton's
fiction very much. I would really like to start reading and discussing some of
Charles Williams' fiction and finding fans of Mr. Williams isn't easy.
Thanks,  Sean Williams (a fellow inklings fan)

I had a question that I was hoping you could help me with. I'm planning on
starting up a couple of SIGs and was wondering what kind of material. Thanks for your time!