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About Us
When we started Hierogamous Enterprises in June, 1989, desktop publishing was already one of our long range goals, but it wasn't until 1999 that Michael Halm and Razilee Purdue finally finished writing Hierogamous Hymns, our first book and the first edition did not get printed until January 2000, apparently providentially the year of the Great Jubilee!   
Michael Joseph James Halm & Fyrball
 Michael was conceived New Years Day, 1947, born over two months premature, did graduate work in physics, studied education, creative writing and and then sold his first poem in 1975. He has received an honorary doctor's degree from the CLEO Society and a knighthood from the Militia Immaculata. He is a lifelong member of Presentation Ministries, the lay association which publishes My People newspaper, of the Secular Franciscans, the first tertiary order, founded by St. Frances of Assisi, and of the Universal Living Rosary Association, a worldwide perpetual prayer group. He is coordinator of three American Mensa SIGs, the Fortean Mysteries SIG, the Mythopoeic SIG and the Holmesian Studies SIG. With Razilee he co-authored Hierogamous Hymns, the first of Our Publications. For other of his accomplishments see his resume. For his family history see his genealogy page .
                    Lemcia Mal
is our visiting alien expert in xenology and xoology and so bright that his head glows in the dark.
             Percival de Toulouse
 Percival de Toulouse is the founding father of the shire of Glengliondrach,  was born in Toulouse, France, in 1215 to crusader Sir Ferdinand de Brittanie and Vivianne of Toulouse, convert from Albegensianism.
  Having supported himself as an alchemist's book copier, he was licensed as a Master of Arts at the University of Toulouse, and received his doctorate at the University of Paris.     
   He became known as Doctor Peregrinabundus because of his extensive travels -- to   Al-Azhar (Cairo), Baghdad, Germany, India, Italy,  Khanbaniq, Khmer, Lamary, Mabaron, Melibar, Mecca, New Canterbury, Nothumberland, Palermo, Pathan, Polombe, Susa, Toledo.
   In A. S. 10 he discovered the world of SCA, traveled across the Middle Kingdom from the Barony of Northwoods by way of Myddyn Seren, beyond the region of Northshield to the Endless Wastlands, where it was said "Here there be Uffda." Near Trollwood he founded the short-lived shire of Glengliondrach from which he lead pilgrimages to and  hosted visits from the baronies of Nordskogen and Castel Rouge.  In A. D. 1345, at a well-preserved 130 years old, he became a High Crusader.
      Razilee Mary Purdue
 also came into the world rather unexpectedly July 11, 1967, during a troubled time when her parents were talking divorce. They stayed together, but in 1976 she had a brief sexual relationship with a 21-year-old female "friend". She never did graduate from high school. She, like Michael, however did find consolation in the Scriptures -- but especially in a new relationship with Mary as Mama Mia . She  was first published in 1999 and co-authored with Michael our first publication, Hierogamous Hymns, and is the foundress of the unique Delta Schwa and the world's only known André Joyce Fan Club.
                     Mikhael Bar-Yosef
 was a scribe, a contemporary of Yosef of Arimathea, Gamaliel, Nicodemus, and St. John.

     William Christian Sigerson,
or as he was more affectionately called "Billy", was born Nov. 2, 1891, son of Norwegian explorer Wilhjalmar Sigurdsen and Italian circus performer Vittoria Ricoletti, and so destined for an exciting life. He was, as you may have noticed from the photo in the side column, a Basil Rathbone look-alike. Before he finally died in 1996 he had worked as a pageboy in London, a vaudevillian with Mr. E., a field agent for the M. P. Gibson and Lawston Foundations, a tabloid journalist, a barnstormer (presumed dead in 1937 while attempting to fly over the Himalayas). He resurfacing in the 1960s as the Mahanimshi, wrote 'Gimme' Is My Mantra, founded the Mindak commune, and frequently contributed to the Fortean Mysteries SIG and Holmesian Studies SIG newsletters.
                               Spiek  Dvllnoh
is our resident Surakian and web master of the IDIC Institute, but otherwise a rather mysterious character, claiming to have been born on AV 8015 Mit 10 on alpha Zodiaci III.

                 Others that have contributed to this web site include:
Melody "Mel" Abelha, Alberta "Al" Anz, Humbert Beth, Tania Borealis, Lama Chhem  Li, Lana Coperta, Ephrem Smith Corona, Margarita Coronae, Christi Crux, Beth Doa, Aben Ezra, Thomas "Tom" Fika, Gloria Frederici, Faith and Joy Fuller, Nero Gatto, Angelique Gilchrist, Marian Gillis, Thomas "Tom" Hoofd, Anthony Hoya, Isadore, Jesus, Joseph, Rah Kakeshan, Peter "Pete" Kidole, Roberta "Bob" Kabelka, Kathleen "Kitty" Kindle, Kristina "Tina" Kuppi, Gillian Ling, Thomas "Tom" Lomme, Ben Människa, Leo Marinus, Stella Maris, Mary, Hope Messenger, Mikha-El, Nga Mau, Hope Messenger, Alberta "Al" Nahr, Nero Mercato, Sara Mizu, Woz Niebeski, Norma Nilotica, Nero Occhio, Daniel "Dan" Oljuga, Calvin "Cal" Pantof, Clair Peau, Jedidiah "Jed" Pero, Calvin "Cal" Rîde, Frederika "Fred" Rör, Thomas "Tom" Rymd, Kamika Schmidt, Stephanie Schutzengel, Bethany "Beth" Sefer, Dana Sevgi, Hilda Strasse, Daniel "Dan" Svjetlost, Anne Tabiat, Tavola Tafelberg, Tien Ho, Kristina "Tina"  Tähti, Benjamin "Ben" Torr, Zesta v'Rim, Karl Wagen, Charles Wayne, Lewis T. Williams and Samantha "Sam" Znowu.