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Fortean Mysteries SIG
"All things are possible..." -- Matthew 19:26
             Welcome to the website of the Fortean Mysteries Special Interest Group of American Mensa. We investigate and (rarely are able to) explain the inexplicable -- strange observations: crop circles, UFOs, mysterious animal  sightings, bigfoots; strange scientific theories -- all in the not-too-serious style of Charles Hoy Fort. [Our most frequently asked question (FAQ#1) is "Who's he?"]. He is the one who began it all in his The Book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931),  Wild Talents (1932), and we have been continuing to do so now for nearly 25 years.
     The newsletter of the Fortean Mysteries SIG is Mpossibilities                        (pronounced "em-poss-ih-bill-it-ease"), so called because it tries to bridge that vast borderland between the impossible and the possible. (The M- is also a reference to Mensa and the Mensans who have made this such a long-lasting and special SIG.)
  The script above is a graphic reference to Fort's illustration of his philosophy in The Book of the Damned. He saw that if you were to put a mouse and a bug in a cheese and left them there for a week or a month or so, they would then really only be different expressions of the cheese, the interconnectedness of all things and the pseudo-existence that things, even living things, have with respect to Life, to the really Real.
        On this site, we're going to talk about past and present mysteries and explanations plausible and inplausible. Fort's motto was "We exclude nothing."