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  Here we'll share a sample from our work in progress, 366 days of Eg 'n' Art's egnarts. "Eg 'n' Art's" comes not from Egbert and Arthur's nicknames, but from the fortean term for the especially mysterious mysteries, egnarts, from the ananym of "strange", as it were, the things that are stranger than strange.

1: 1095 Queen of the Universe appears, Arras, France; 1801, Piazzi discovers "comet" Ceres; 1860 combusible fall, Hessle, Sweden; 1860 and 1861 reddish rain, Siena, Spain; 1889 Wovoka receives vision during eclipse; 1921 black object crosses sun
2: 1886 1st written Sasquatch report, Siskiyou, Cal.; 1975 cupmarks, Frederic, Wisc.
3: 1891 J. S. Thompson tries photographic soul leaving body; 1975 15-foot big bird sighted,Tex.
4: 1913 airship sighted, Dover, Eng.; 1977 cattle mutes, Grayson Springs, Ky.
5: 1892 blac, fiery tornado, Georgia, and lights over Lyons, N. Y.
6: 1914 naked man, Chatham, Eng.; 1935 Sr. Gertrude healed of cancer, New Orleans, La.; 1948 man with silver wings sighted, Chehalis, Wash.; 1977 Joseph Dixon's sow's ears eaten, Miss.
7: 1943 Tesla dies, papers disappear, N. Y. C., N. Y.; 1948 pilot Tom Montell crashes trying to chase UFO
8: 1803 fish from volcano, Cotopaxi, N. Andes; 1892 volcanic dustfall, N. Ind.; 1897 Avtar Singh-Gida disappears
9: 1873 cinder fall on lightship; 1929 polt,Charlotten, Berlin, Germ.
10: 1902 BVM, Chesterfield, Mass.; 1960 Thomas Phillips sees phantom train between Belleville and Sealy, Tex.
11: 1891 Lescarbault "discovers" Saturn; 1966 UFO sighted by S S Morgantown Victory, N. of Marcus I.; 1976 500# tree trunk moves, Ridgeway, Ill.
12: skyquake, Cincinnati, Oh.; 1965 1000-foot USO, Kaipara harbour, N. Z.
13: 1852 Capt. Seaburg of Monongahela kills seaserpent; 1910 UFO sighted, Chatanooga, Tenn.
14: 1962 black rain, Slains, Scotl.; 1902 BHM sighted, Pocatello, Id.; 1960 polt (until Feb. 9), Baltimore, Md.; 1966 UFO Weston, Mass.;   1977 blackcat, ducks disappear, Talihina, Ok.
15: 1904 Barringer meteorite discovered; 1977 8" hole in ceiling of W. T. Willis, Abilene, Tex.
16: 1862 Julia Gardiner Tyler dreams of husband's death; 1909 Jersey Devil sighted (until 23)
17: 1810 thick red rain, Placentia Mts.; 1867 cinder fall, Ottawa, Ill.; 1913 airship, Cardiff, Wales; 1965 foil fall, Peurto Garibaldi, Argentina; 1967 Shepton Mallet Prison ghost sighted, Somerset, Eng.
18: 1644 UFO, Boston, Mass.; 1835 vesticular masses fall, Lobau
19: 24-foot UFO, Horseshoe Lagoon, nr. Tully, Queensland; 1988 Sun reports mysterious death of Hektor Toranaldo
20: 1911 Raimundo de Aleluia Mafra abducted, Duas Pontes, Braz. and black rain, Switzerl.; 1963 Jesus' face on tabernacle, Glad Tidings, Nassau, Bahamas; 1978 Doug Pritchard, Lenoir, N. C., had tooth pulled from foot
22: 1882 darkday,London,Eng.; 1898 UFO during eclipse; 1911 fall, Rajunta; 1964 white beans after rain, San Fernado, Cal.; 1981 Ailtonda Silva "borrows" girl's body
23: 1977 7-foot gorilla shot nr. Ingalic Creek, Wash., but came back for chickens
24: 1891 saucer-shaped snowflakes; 1895 skyboom; 1967 hat-shaped UFO, Yorba Linda, Cal.; 1972 Shoichi Yokoi discovered on Guam having hid for 28 years
25: 1923 fireball, several tons of glassy slag, Quetta, Pakistan; 1966 rose-colored snow, Mt. Hotham, Australia; 1967 UFO abducts Betty Andreason, S. Ashburnham, Mass.
26: 1905 Cullihan diamond discovered; 1931 Charles Fort Society founded; 1932 polt, Vöst, nr. Peuerbach, Austria (until Feb.5); 1972 Vesna Vulovic survives 6-mile fall
27: 1904 SHC; 1912 black object seen on moon; 1953 8" disc passes plane, USAFB, N. Japan; 1964 flaming blob fall, Esperanza Creek, Tex.
28: 1962 boy hit by auto of James Schinbacher disappears; 1967 ghost horseman sighted nr. Denton, Lincolnshire (also 29)
29: 1978 Alice Hicks suspected witch dies mysteriously, detective struck by bad luck, Youngstown, Oh.
30: 1913 stonethrowing begins, Marcinelle nr. Charleroi, Belgium (until Candelmas, Feb. 2)
31: 1686 charred leaves fall, Norway; 1890 larvae fall; 1915 gamma-shape seen in Littrow, moon