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           The Sheshak invaded Earth and scattered Humans thoughout their intergalactic empire in the 26th millennium. The name comes from Jeremiah 25:26, 51:41, which taken literally implies a non-human kingdom on Earth after Earth has been made uninhabitable. The following are the names of the Sheshak  and Leb-qamai rulers (Israel and Judah's rulers in Atbash, in reverse order)
Misanosey, Masaose', Mahios, Oyat, Yetahhas, Sa'ilees, Mansoy, A''ius, Magoy, Asash, Shaaba, Taqash, Gasoshoey, Hokoyot, Qipaq, Huak
Sa'ilees, Wales, Walaskes, Yetasey, Bukkay, 'Aligaes, Masoeb, Masaose', Muse, Asi'asa, Masogey,  Masabowsen, Aha, Ashimay, Tashan, Magoshoey
* A HINT: To read the Sheshak script just rotate your head 90 degrees to the left and read the white rather than the black, as in the name "Jesus" which you may have seen,
Atbash is a substitution code in which the consonants of the Hebrew alphabet are reversed, which results in --
'  B   D G H K L M N P Q R S Sh T W Y Z
Z Sh Q R S L K Y  T W D G H B  N P M '