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  This chronology combines data from many diverse sources and is necessarily very finite, attempting to span as it does c. 15 gigayears, but you may find it interesting -- or even be able to help us fill in the gaps.
14,500,000,000 BC Population III supergiants, seraphim win Light-Darkness War (Gn 1:1-5)
13,500,000,000 BC Population II stars
10,000,000,000 BC Shadow-First Ones War (B5)
9,000,000,000 BC hypernova bombs sterilize whole galaxies
7,000,000,000 BC quantum energy overcomes gravity reversing Cosmos collapse
4,550,000,000 BC Sol born (Gn 1:14-18)
4,450,000,000 BC Land-Sea War ends, Rahab defeated (Job 26:12-13, Gn 1:6-8)
4,000,000,000 BC Preservers, first humanoids flourish
3,860,000,000 BC planetoid shower bombards Earth
3,500,000,000 BC life survives on Earth after 49 failed starts, Plants rule (Gn 1:9-13)
2,800,000,000 BC Earth continents formed
2,300,000,000 BC Kenora supercontinent
2,100,000,000 BC first oxypnetes (mitochondria)
1,150,000,000 BC Grenvillia collision (Appalachia)
1,000,000,000 BC first sex
950,000,000 BC ice age
770,000,000 BC ice age
670,000,000 BC animals, ice age
600,000,000 BC Elder Race banished underground (SOOT)
570,000,000 BC Cambrian disruption
540,000,000 BC phyla boom
500,000,000 BC vertibrate fish, Leviathan rules (Ps 74:13-14, 104:26, Job 3:8, 41:1-34)
440,000,000 BC Ordovician catastrophe, Day 5 (Gn 1:20-23)
                Silurian Period -- plants, arthropods, lungfish rule
395,000,000 BC Devonian Period -- amphibians, crawling insects rule
370,000,000 BC trees true
330,000,000 BC Mississippian -- winged insects rule
313,000,000 BC Pennsylvanian -- reptiles rule
245,000,000 BC Permian catastrophe -- dinosaurs rule
225,000,000 BC Triassic Period (Buntsandstein, Muschelkalk, Keuper)
220,000,000 BC Pangaea breaks up
200,000,000 BC Kansas Sea
190,000,000 BC Jurassic Period (Lias, Dogger, Malm)
               Behemoth (Job 40:15-24)
150,000,000 BC Eldrad the Kastrian executed (4N)
136,000,000 BC Cretaceous Period -- mammals rule
100,000,000 BC birds fly
65,000,000 BC Paleocene Epoch -- Cyberman bomb destroys dinosaurs (6B)
62,000,000 BC ice age
60,000,000 BC arboreal primates
29,000,000 BC ice age
25,000,000 BC cetaceans rule sea, Eocene, Oliocene, Miocene, Pliocene Epochs
15,000,000 BC India collides with mainland
4,000,000 BC hominids -- Day 6 (Gn 1:26-31)
1,800,000 BC Pleistocene Epoch, Günz, Mindel, Riss, Würm Ages)
100,000 BC Neandertals
50,000 BC common Human mtDNA
41,000 BC common Y-chromosome
30,000 BC cave painting
25,300 BC Vela supernova
25,000 BC Aboriginal dreamtime
24,000 BC Vela supernova radiation reaches Earth
15,000 BC Crom-ya (SOOT)
12,969 BC SA 32 SA Atlantis settled
12,501 BC SA 500 SA Sauron stirs
12,000 BC SA 1000 SA Vega = Polaris, Sauron settles Mordor, Amerinds in N. America
11,400 BC SA 1600 Ring of Sauron forged
11,308 BC SA 1693 Elves fight Sauron
11,301 BC SA 1700 Elves defeat Sauron
10,750 BC SA 2251 Nazgûl first appear, Tar-Atanamir persecutes Faithful
10,651 BC SA 2350 Pelargir founded
10,102 BC SA 2899 Ar-Adûnakhôr rules Atlantis, replaces Eldarin with Adunaic
10,000 BC iota Hercules = Polaris
9826 BC SA 3175 Tar-Palantir (fka Ar-Inziladun) revival
9746 BC SA 3255 Ar-Pharazôn seizes rule of Atlantis
9704 BC SA 3319 Atlantis destroyed
9681 BC SA 3320 Arnor and Gondor founded
9567 BC SA 3434 battle of Dagorlad
9572 BC White Tree burned by Sauron
9560 BC SA 3441 overthrow of Sauron, Elendil killed, Isildur acquires One Ring
9000 BC wheat cultivation
8447 BC TA 991 "Celebrandir" arrives in Middle Earth (LOTR)
8438 BC TA 1000 "Necromancer" fl.
8138 BC TA 1300 Angmar founded
8000 BC goat domestication
7837 BC SR 1 first year of Shire Reckoning
7802 BC SR 36 Great Plague
7436 BC SR 402 Nazgul take Minas Ithil
6738 BC SR 1100 Shire calendar reform
6497 BC SR 1341  White Council vs. Sauron
6419 BC SR 1419 Sauron defeated (LOTR)
6417 BC 3/25  Fourth Age began
5500 BC Crab supernova explosion
5000 BC Proto-Indo-European flourishes
3769 BC Methusaleh born (Gn 5:21)
3582 BC Lamech born (Gn 5:25)
3276 BC Seth died (Gn 5:8)
3221 BC Kenan died (Gn 5:14)
3166 BC Mahalalel died (Gn 5:17)
3120 BC star of Bethlehem goes nova ("The Star")
3034 BC Jared died (Gn 5:20), Akharin born (TOS 76)
3000 BC Thuban = Polaris
2933 BC Enoch walks-with, joins Brights (Gn 5:23)
2920 BC Water Deluge prophesied (Gn 6:1-4)
2900 BC Shem, Ham, Japheth born (Gn 5:32)
2864 BC Noah born (Gn 5:28-29)
2830 BC ex-Bright Adam died, Akharin, 204, as 939-year-old Patriach "Methuselah" (Gn 5:5)
2805 BC Lamech died (Gn 5:30)
2800 BC "Methusaleh" "died" (Gn 5:27, TOS76) in Water Deluge (Gn 5:26-7, 7:6)
2798 BC Arpachshad born (Gn 11:10)
2763 BC Shelah born (Gn 11:12)
2729 BC -5872 Sarpeidon first contact (TOS78)
2700 BC Sarpeidon second contact (Yesterday's Son)
2699 BC Eber born (Gn 11:14)
2680 BC (Time for Yesterday)
2600 BC Tower of Babel fails (Gn 11:1-9)
2490 BC Peleg died (Gn 11:19)
2450 BC Patriarch Noah died
2200 BC Ta Yu etal. travel to Tien Choo (Dubhe, Ursa Major)
        Queen Orual of Glome
1500 BC "Daedalos" survives fall of Minoan Empire
1000 BC Solomon binds Nephilim, Jinn
929 BC "Solomon" dies (TOS 76), having lived 2105 years (Eccl 6:1-6)
752 BC 1/18 1/1/1 Vulcan New Style calendar zero date
323 BC "Alexander" 'dies' (TOS 76), having lived 2711 years (Dan 2:39, 7:6, 8:5-7, 11:3)
270 BC 1433 Vulcan Age of Expansion Heshii lost with Glory emerald
79 BC  Surak born to T'Leia and Stef 79?
22 BC Orion Empire attacks Vulcan
22 BC  Vulcans test antimatter bomb
6 BC Kolinahr master, Zakal the Terrible dies, succeeded by Nortakh (The Lost Years: Prologue)
AD 27 Jesus acts anachronically
AD 30 "Lazarus" raised from dead (TOS 76) after dying at 3063 years old (Jn 11:1, 12:1-11), "fullness of time", Humans kill God, Jesus acts panchronically
AD 31 2327 S'Task leads Rihanha Exodus
AD 33 Surak receives vision on Mt. Seleya
60 AD Surak is assassinated by Yhri terrorists.
AD 64  "Maximus Petullian" (M), Philologos, Julia, Nereus, Nerea, Olympas flee Rome for "world's furthest end" in the Aquila (Rom 16:15, )
AD 80 2472 Surakism adopted as planetary philosophy
AD 100 "Piloloko" carves Menehune Stone (Rv 5:9) in Hawaiianized Latin
AD 200 Zarahemla of Nephites (remnant Josephites) flourishes (BOM)
AD 333  3223 Rihanha reach Romulus-Remus system, Zarahemla destroyed by Lamanites, 24 Nephites Amerindianized, 3 Nephites "translated" (BOM)
AD 395     Bodidharma receives Harappa fife
AD 469     3502-year-old "Myrddin" teaches future king Arthur
AD 554     Bodidharma reaches Everest
AD 500?  Adepts of T'Pel settle upon the East Continent of ch'Havran. (Memory Prime - TOS#42)
AD 800     Nephites massacred
AD 1066    Mad Monk marooned on Earth (S)
AD 1137 Geoffrey recruited into Time Patrol
         "Giovanni Bernadone" and the Obscurati
AD 1215 Percival, Doctor Peregrinabundus, born in Toulouse
AD 1250 Minbari help defeat Shadows (B5)
AD 1345     Wersgorixan Empire falls, Roger I (THC)
         Jairs, Ashenkoghli, Pr?*tans join New Canterbury (THC)
AD 1450?    Brothers of Demnos, San Marino, Mandragora Helix (4M)
AD 1513     Leonardo joins Brights
AD 1515     "Leonardo" "dies" having lived 4548 years (TOS 76)
AD 1666    Terilptil defeated (5X)
AD 1812 Moriarty responsible for assasination of Spencer Perceval (TFSH)
AD 1823  Moroni plates discovered by Joseph Smith
AD 1852 John H. Watson born
AD 1854 Sherlock Holmes born
AD 1867 7779 Vulcan first Human contact (Ishmael)
AD 1888 Redjac kills women in London (TOS 36) possessing Sebastian until he's abducted by Vorlons (B5)
AD 1891     Vilhjalmr Sigurdsen born in Shang Ri, Thibet
AD 1892 Moriarty steals H. G. Wells' time machine (TFSH)
AD 1894     fife of Bodidharma stolen
AD 1895     William Sigerson at Camford
AD 1897     "Johannes Brahms" "died" (TOS 76) having lived 3930 years
AD 1901 Jourdain-Moberly visits 1789 Versailles
AD 1909 Peaslee expedition to Himalayas, Bimpo ("Time Trap")
AD 1911 Moriarty responsible for assasination of Pyotr Stolypin (TFSH)
AD 1919 Grail discovered at Fardles, Eng., Aubrey d'Estrange, duke of North Ridings (WIH)
AD 1925  Lady Cranleigh's secret (6A), Holmes shares elixir with Watson (TFSH)
AD 1927 Holmes visited by H. G. Wells (TFSH)
AD 1930/5 7964 Edith Keeler dies
AD 1932 Redjac kills 7 women in Shanghai (TOS 36)
AD 1935 Peaslee expedition to Australia
AD 1937 William Sigerson presumed dead
         "Hans Bernhardt" and Scarlet Dusk
AD 1938 "Capt. Proton and the Orb of Bajor" by Ken Russell
AD 1940 Moriarty responsible for assasination of Leon Trotsky
AD 1945  Wolfgang Hüne blows Bodidharma's fife
AD 1947 8014/12/10 Spiek born; 7/3  Ferengi first Human contact at Roswell, NM
AD 1948 Moriarty responsible for assasination of Mahatma Ghandi (TFSH)
AD 1953 Benny Russell released from
AD 1959 8050 clandestine Human-Vulcan contact by Capt. T'Mir (E)
AD 1951 Moriarty responsible for assasination of  King Abdallah (TFSH)
AD 1955  Lohan visits Earth
AD 1960  "Mahanimshi" comes to America
AD 1962  Camazotz saved (STP), Rogov machine (NNNR)
AD 1963 Moriarty responsible for assasination of John F. Kennedy (TFSH)
AD 1966 Chameleons kidnap (breifly) 50,000 (KK)
AD 1968  8077 Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln save Earth (TOS55 ), Moriarty responsible for assasination of Martin Luther King (TFSH)
AD 1969 8080 another clandestine Human-Vulcan contact
AD 1970 genetically engineered Khan Noonien Singh born (The Eugenics War)
AD 1974 Redjac kills 8 women in Kiev (TOS 36)
AD 1981 Moriarty responsible for assasination of Anwar Sadat (TFSH)
AD 1986 8130 clandestine Human-Vulcan contact to rescue whales (ST:TVH), assassinationa attempt on Gorbachov thwarted by Gary Seven
AD 1996 Khan and followers leave Earth, ending his plots with ozone hole, fleash-eating bacteria, bioterrorism
AD 2014 Moriarty responsible for assasination of Junior Rex (TFSH)
AD 2019 Moriarty responsible for assasination of Johnny Wu (TFSH)
AD 2020  Daleks thwarted (EE)
AD 2025 reunification of Ireland
AD 2036 New United Nations (NUN) chartered
AD 2042 Moriarty responsible for assasination of Hrachia Dashnakian (TFSH)
AD 2043-7 Mind Control Revolts
AD 2045 Vulcan scout ship crashed on Earth (Strangers from the Sky)
AD 2054 41 ill-fated Black Dome founded by Swiss, Mars (GDOAT)
AD 2063/4/7  8361 Vulcans first official Human contact, St. Mary of Bethel hospice, Luna, founded
AD 2064/3/19 Ephrem Cocrane returns from alpha Centauri afer 243 days
AD 2068 first Vulcan delegation to Earth (SFTS)
AD 2070 Cyberman invasion thrwarted (HH)
AD 2071 Moriarty responsible for assasination of Philo Tremussen (TFSH)
AD 2083: Sholto Sr. takes over a Copernican jewel mine after his partner Philip Morstan is declared dead. (SIGN2), James                Armitage and Victor Trevor escape from Gloria Scott Riley prison ship (GLOR2)
AD 2093: Biotech scientist Victor Morris suffers permanent genetic damage due to sabotage (CROO2). Elias Dunsmere and Tech Saboteur founder Dr. Joseph Dunsmere disappear (FIVE2).
AD 2102: Tucson resident Kelsey James' parents die in the Shuttle 2000 Tragedy. (HOUN2) Elsie Cubbitt flees the Moon, changes her name and fakes her past, then meets and marries Hilton Cubbitt of Cubbitt Farms. (DANC2)
AD 2103/5/25-6: Inspector Beth Lestrade gets Sir Evan Hargreaves to revive Holmes assisted by android Watson to get Moriarty's clone and Martin Fenwick (FALL) 6/15: Crime Riots; Holmes and Lestrade meet Wiggins, Deidre, and Tennyson, the new Baker Street Irregulars. (CRIM) Lestrade, Holmes, and Watson foil Moriarty's clone's plans for new Galileo City resort.(HOUN2) 7/10: Watson witnesses the 'death' of Holmes and Moriarty. (EMPT2)  (CROO2) (DERA) 8/12-3: Gene Tech Industries' biochip theft case. (SCAL) RESI2, SIGN2, DANC2 and MUSG2 . SUSS2 12/24: blue Carbuncle doll case. (BLUE2)
AD 2104: SILV2 and the Asteroid Belt Grand Prix. spingtime (FIVE2), REDH2 On the 27th day of fog in London, Neville St. Clair is reported killed. TWIS2 takes place on the 63rd and 64th day straight of fog in London.
AD 2105 68 Redjac kills women in Martian colonies (TOS 36)
AD 2117 Companion first Human contact (TOS31)
         Human-Aurigans first contact, Sr. Eloise
AD 2151 Human-Suliban, Axanar, Andorian, Xyllian first contacts (E)
AD 2152 Paraagan colony destroyed by Suliban (E)
AD 2155 95 Holmes' analysis of Martian sand publishes by University of Hermes Press (GREA 56:A)
AD 2156 Redjac kills 10 on alpha Eridani II (TOS 36)
AD 2156-60  Romulan Wars
AD 2060 Vulcans join Federation of Planets
AD 2161 United Federation of Planets founded (including Prime Directive and secret Section 31)
AD 2164 Sarek born to T'Rama and Skon, son of Solkar, of clan Talek-sen-deen
AD 2167  Human-Betan first contact by Archon (TOS22), Daleks attempt to invade Earth
AD 2168  Human-Iotan first contact by Horizon (TOS49), 11/17 Sarek born
AD 2170 8678 Moriarty responsible for assasination of Meesian leader (TFSH), daughter born to Stanford Lynch and T'Dess Alar-ken-dasmin
AD 2212 Sarek goes to Earth as cultural attache
AD 2223 Sybok born to Sarek and T'Rea, but marriage annulled so T'Rea can pursue call to priestesshood
AD 2228 Centauri withdraw from Narn (B5), Sarek and Amanda Stemple Greyson meet
AD 2229 T'Rea is condemned for teaching ShaKaRee (The Final Frontier), 9/16 Sarek and Amanda marry
AD 2230/12/7 Spock conceived
AD 2231/11/12 Spock born to Sarek and Amanda, war with Dilgar (B5)
AD 2237 8877 James Tiberius Kirk born in Riverside, Iowa; 12/7 "Selek" aids Spock
AD 2239  "Brock" buys Holberg 917G (TOS 76)
AD 2242-8 Minbar war
AD 2246 8904 Sarek drops out of Symmetricists after Tarsus IV massacre
AD 2247 Spock, along with a group of Vulcan and human students, is taken hostage by Sered, a Romulan sympathizer, Spock escapes with David Rabin. (Vulcan's Forge)
AD 2248 8908 Symmetricists go undrground, Spock joins Star Fleet
AD 2254  8928 Spock and Scotty on Artemis, Talosian (TOS 16), Neuralian first Federation contacts, lost Heshii found with Glory emerald, Babylon-4 disappears (B5)
AD 2255 McCoy treats Kirk at Star Base 7 (Crisis on Centaurus)
AD 2256 Pike's Enterprise makes first contact with the Calligar after passing through a temporal rift that opens every 33 years. (The Rift - TOS#57 - First Contact), Hood makes first contact with the Rey. (The Great Starship Race - TOS#67)
AD 2257 Farragut attacked by dikironium cloud creature (TOS 47) Pike saves the lives of his senior staff while surveying Corinthia IV. ("A Private Anecdote," Strange New Worlds I)
AD 2258 149 Mars rebellion (B5)
AD 2259 Centauri attack Narn, Drazi and Pak'ma'ra, Sebastian continues as Vorlon Inquisitor (B5
AD 2261 8946 Leila Kaloni falls for Spock
AD 2264 8955 Spock finished 10 years under Capt. Pike, Q first contact (Q-Squared)
AD 2265The Enterprise investigates a self-imposed quarantine of the planet Timshel, and discovers the citizens are enslaved to a computer that produces an artificial euphoria. (The Joy Machine - TOS#80) Enterprise off-the-record rescues the Anjiri and Nykuss (War Dragons - CT#1) (Thanksgiving) Thasian (TOS 8) (Charlie's Law)
AD 2266/4/22 SD 0000 8963 Fotiallan (TOS 6),, Exo android (TOS 10), Onlies (TOS 12), First Federation (TOS 3) first Federation contact
AD 2267 8966 Q (TOS 18), Gorn (TOS 19), Horta (TOS 26), Organian (TOS 27), Guardian of Forever (TOS 28), Vaalite (TOS 38) first contacts, Muddian androids (TOS 41), Companion (TOS 31), Eminiar-Vendikar War ended (TOS 23), Olympian last contact (TOS 33), Capellans ally with Feds (TOS 32), Redjac kills 3 on Argelius (TOS 36), Vulcan Academy murders, IDIC Epidemic, crew of T'Pau is found dead, and the secrets of Alnath II are discovered. The Enterprise returns to Delta Canaris IV to complete a mapping mission. (The Klingon Gambit - TOS#3) Enterprise transports a diplomatic team to Ammdon and Jurnamoria. (Mutiny On The Enterprise - TOS#12) last three disembodied Arretians found
Lt. Uhura studies native songs of Eeiauo and discovers a cure for ADF syndrome. (Uhura's Song - TOS#21)
AD 2268  8969 Triskelion (TOS 46), Kelvan (TOS 30), Omegan (TOS 54), Magna Roman (TOS43), Eymorg (TOS 61), Miramaneean (TOS 58), Melkotian (TOS 56), Fabrini (TOS 65), Minaran (TOS 63), Tholian (TOS 64), Omegan (TOS 54), Kelvan (TOS 50), Gliandrock's 12,000-brainmeld first contacts, Patonius' kironide-induced PK (TOS 67), Scalosian accelerator discovered (TOS 68), Intrepid tragedy, Elas-Troyius war ended (TOS 57), Ekosian naziism thwarted (TOS 52), Medusan-Vulcan mindmeld (TOS 62) Kirk visits the planet Kolya in search of a cure for the Vegan Choriomeningitis plague now wiping out Gideon's entire population. ("The Shoulders Of Giants" One: Fiffick, Strange New Worlds V) ("Beyond The Farthest Star," Star Trek Log 1) ("Yesteryear," Star Trek Log 1) ("One Of Our Planets Is Missing," Star Trek Log 1) Christmas. ("Survivor," Star Trek Log 2) ("The Lorelei Signal," Star Trek Log 2) ("The Infinite Vulcan," Star Trek Log 2)
AD 2269  8972 Cheronian (TOS 70), Gideonian (TOS 72), Zetarian (TOS 73), Excalbian (TOS 77) contacts, Kalandian (TOS 69) last contact, Sarpeidon destroyed (TOS 78), Camusian mindswapper discovered (TOS 79), Edenists' founder Dr. Sevrin dies (TOS 75),("Once Upon A Planet," Star Trek Log 3) ("Mudd's Passion," Star Trek Log 3) ("The Magicks Of Megas-Tu," Star Trek Log 3) ("The Girl Who Controlled Gene Kelly's Feet," Strange New Worlds I) ("The Terratin Incident," Star Trek Log 4) ("Time Trap," Star Trek Log 4) ("More Tribbles, More Troubles," Star Trek Log 4) ("The Ambergris Element," Star Trek Log 5) ("The Pirates Of Orion," Star Trek Log 5) ("Jihad," Star Trek Log 5) ("Albatross," Star Trek Log 6) ("The Practical Joker," Star Trek Log 6) ("How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth," Star Trek Log 6) ("The Counter-Clock Incident," Star Trek Log 7) ("The Eye Of The Beholder," Star Trek Log 8) ("BEM," Star Trek Log 9) ("Slaver Weapon," Star Trek Log 10)
The Enterprise discovers the Chatalia "Generation" ship. (World Without End)
 the Enterprise discovers the planet Mercan after being transported through a gravitational anomaly. (The Abode Of Life - TOS#6)
Spock retrieves his son Zar through the Guardian Of Forever. Following a dispute with the Romulans over claims to the Gateway planet, Zar returns to Sarpeidon's past. Masters is Chief of Security. (Yesterday's Son - TOS#11)
Vulcan is invaded by non-corporeal beings from Beekman's Planet. (Demons - TOS#30)
AD 2270 The slaughter of the Singers of Taygeta V is halted. Following a confrontation with Commander Kor, the Enterprise heads for Starbase 23. (The Tears Of The Singers - TOS#19) At Starbase 23, the Enterprise receives orders to mediate a dispute on Okeanos, a former Federation colony. 207 years after Cochrane invents warp drive. (From The Depths - TOS#66) While considering Federation membership for Sycorax, a colony that practices genetic engineering upon its population, Kirk reviews the history of the practice on Earth. (The Eugenics Wars: The Rise And Fall Of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume One - Prologue, Chs. 24-25, 28, 35) Spock teaches at Science Academy
Spock returns to Vulcan to undergo Kolinahr. (The Lost Years: The Mountains of Gol)
AD 2271 8978 Sonak killed in transporter accident
AD 2272 V'ger threatens Earth
AD 2273 Kirk, Scott, Sulu and Chekov are stranded in the Hohweyn system aboard the shuttlecraft Halley. (The Kobayashi Maru - TOS#47) Spock rescues Saavik from Hellguard, and extends his leave to a full year to help assimilate Saavik into Vulcan culture, eventually preparing her for training at the Academy. (The Pandora Principle - TOS#49)
AD 2274 Spock utilizes a mind meld to help bring his cousin Elizabeth Fitzhugh out of a comatose state. ("Family Matters" Strange New Worlds III) (The Prometheus Design - TOS#5) Seven years after "Amok Time." (Triangle - TOS#9)
Planetwide mental illness strikes the planet Nordstral due to an over-harvesting of magnetic plankton. (Ice Trap - TOS#60)
AD 2279 Captain Spock commands the Enterprise on a two-month training cruise. Cadet Saavik is aboard. ("Just Another Little Training Cruise," Enterprise Logs)
AD 2280 Kirk leads the 72-vessel Belle Terre colonial expedition to Occult IV. Captain Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew agree to join the mission. (Wagon Train To The Stars - TOS#89)
AD 2283 The Enterprise is (again/still) under Kirk's temporary command, conducting routine missions and training cruises. Lt. Saavik is aboard under Spock's tutelage. (Dwellers In The Crucible - TOS#25)
AD 2284 9015 Spock temporarily died, Saavik helps Spock-clone through pon-farr
AD 2285 9018 faltorpan ritual led by T'Lar
AD 2286 9024 Sybok's Shakaree quest
AD 2292 Death of Amanda. (Sarek) T'Lar of Vulcan agrees to bond Spock's seven year-old niece (?) to Hasmek of Romulus, in an effort to further peace negotiations and obtain backing of the Vulcan Science Academy for a study of reunification. (Mind Meld - TOS#82)
AD 2293 9043 Khitomer peace accords
AD 2294 Spock returns to Vulcan to act as than'tha for Saavik's orphaned student, Sanara. ("The First Law Of Metaphysics," Strange New Worlds II)
AD 2300 Ankarin dies for second and last time at  5333 years old  (TOS 76)
AD 2314 Teska and Hasmek become the first recorded Vulcan/Romulan couple to be wed. The ceremony is attended by Spock, Sarek and Senator Pardek. (Mind Meld - TOS#82 - Ch. 16)
AD 2326 Selar born
AD 2329 9149 Ambassador Spock and Commander Saavik are betrothed. The ceremony is attended by Lt. Picard and Admiral McCoy. (Vulcan's Heart)
AD 2342 Encouraged by ongoing communication with Senator Pardek of Romulus, Ambassador Spock asks Solvar of the Vulcan Science Academy to commission a study on reunification with the Romulans. His request is deemed illogical. (Vulcan's Heart)
AD 2343 9191 Spock and Saavik in pon-farr (VH)
AD 2344 Feds defend Klingons against Romulans at Narenda III (TNG63), Natasha Yar (who died in 2364) captured by Romulans! (TNG 101)At the request of Romulan Commander Charvanek, Spock secretly travels to Vulcan to uncover Praetor Narviat's plans for war. Starfleet sends Commander Saavik of the U.S.S. Armstrong and Captain Picard of the U.S.S. Stargazer to extricate him. Spock's cover is threatened by the onset of Pon Farr. After departing Romulus, Saavik is rescued by the Enterprise-C . Upon return to Vulcan, Spock and Saavik are married. Captain Uhura is head of Starfleet Security. (Vulcan's Heart)
AD 2345 Romulan-Human Sela born (TNG 101)
AD 2349 Natasha Yar dies a second time 15 years before the first time! (TNG 101)
AD 2354 The staff of the Federation embassy at PojjanPiraKot, including Ambassador Spock, is evacuated due to an uprising among the population. (Double Helix #3: Red Sector - TNG#53)
AD 2357 Angel One first contact (TNG 15)
AD 2364 Rubicunian (TNG 9), Aldean (TNG 18), Velaran (TNG 17), Delosian (TNG 23), Armus (TNG 22) first Human contacts, pseudo-Moriarty subcreated (TNG 29)
AD 2365 Daledian peace (TNG 36), Bringloidi-Marposan reunion (TNG 44), Dremen (TNG 41), Pakled (TNG 43), Douwd (TNG 51), Mintakan (TNG 52), Calamarian (TNG 61), Borg first Human contact, Husnock exteminated (TNG 51)
AD 2366 9260 Sarek's Bendii syndrome countered by Sakkoth, Legaran peace accord
AD 2367 Battle of Wolf 359
AD 2368 9266 Black Dome Murders, Mars, solved (GDOAT), Ambassador Surak dies Suffering from advanced Bendii Syndrome, Sarek laments decisions made earlier in his life. ("Dementia In D Minor," Strange New Worlds V) Following the death of Ambassador Sarek, Picard and Data travel to Romulus aboard the cloaked Klingon vessel Kruge to investigate the disappearance of Ambassador Spock. Spock is found in the company of Romulan Senator Pardek, who arranges a meeting with Proconsul Neral to discuss reunification with Vulcan. The meeting is simply a front for a planned invasion of Vulcan led by Commander Sela. After the plan is foiled by the Enterprise , Spock chooses to remain underground on Romulus. (Unification - TNG) Picard attends Sarek's funeral on Vulcan. ("Last Words," The Amazing Stories)
The Ko N'ya stone is recovered from a wrecked Ferengi vessel. The descendants of the Iconian race are reunified. (The Devil's Heart - TNG)
AD 2369 9267 holographic Tosk (DS9 6), director of Science Academy T'Lie retires after 150 yearsSpock and McCoy meet with Dr. Crusher aboard the Enterprise to research a genetic disease that is wiping out the Romulan royal family. (Double Helix #3: Red Sector - TNG#53)
AD 2370 Skrreean first contact (DS9 30)
AD 2371 Dr. Selar returns to Vulcan during the onset of Pon Farr. (House Of Cards - NF#1)
AD 2375 Symmerticists' virogen plague
AD 2493 Didonian first Human contact (L)
AD 2500s Cyberman destruction of Earth thwarted (6B)
AD 2518 Nevel Kingston-Brown (COOT)
AD 2600 Vorgon timetravellers' era (TNG 167)
AD 2750 Kargs (DB), PaxAfricana (FTF)
Flame Deluge, Peter II aka Pietro di Roma, Albertine Order of Lebowitz, Piscatorians, St. Raul the Cyclopean, patron of Misborn, meanies from manyamine
AD 3000     Second Ice Age attacts Ice Warriors (OO)
AD 3051 time police go after Suliban (E)
AD 3160     Bl. Francis Gerard of Utah finds Emily Lebowitz (CFL)
AD 3174     Pope Leo XXI canonizes St. Isaac Edward Lebowitz (CFL)
                Texarkana-Denver war (CFL)
AD 3266     fall of New Rome, (CFL) rescuing by Piscatorian Tripetrists
AD 3300     Holmes' most consistent and delightful clients (GREA 22:B)
AD 3631     spaceship concordat (CFL)
AD 3781     Itu Wan disaster, Rachel Grales "born"
        Pope Gregory commissions Visitationists
         Thomas discovers St. Aquin, patron of MIs (QUES)
AD 4000     Monk allied with Daleks on Tigus, on Kembel Dareks betray Mavic Chen (V)
              Chinesian Jwindz dominate
         Terza Vomacht, Dobyns Bennett
        loudies exterminated by Goonhogo, First Matriarchy
AD 5000     Tsan-Chan Empire (SOOT)
AD 5500     Instrumentality founded as Goonhogo's police force, limit of 33rd century time travellers' information (GREA 24:D) likely because of  Sixth Reich's Kaskaskia Effect (Rv 6:4, Ez 28), Morons, Beasts, Unforgiven, manshonyaggers (menschenjägger), Laird, Charlotte vom Acht (MARK)
AD 6000     homunculi slaves (underpeople) remade surgically from Beasts, Nonnati (patron Raymond Nonnatus)
AD 6111     Dream Lords' 12,000-brain time explorations, solarsailers colonize 200 worlds, Henry Haberman's cyborgs (Veesey-koosey, Tigas-belas, Trece, Talatashar)  Norstillians discover santa clara drug (stroon)
AD 6200     Thuban = Polaris
AD 7000    Henry Haberman's cyborgs (Martel, Parizianski, Chang) (VAIN)
AD 8000     Chinesia falls in Pleasure Revolution
AD  9000     Jonasoidal (subspace) drive,  pinlighters (gestalt telepaths) colonize 2000+ worlds (Col. Desmond Harkening, Helen America, Gray-no-more, Lady May, Father Moontree, Captain Wow, Dolores Oh, Magno Taliano) (LADY), Rainmen, Viola Siderea, Sunvale, De Prinsensmacht, Mizzer, Pontoppidan, Henriada, Xanadu (3WOR)
AD 10,000    Instrumentality sets 400-year age limit
AD 11,000    Daimoni build Earthport (Gulosan), Dwellers restore cities, overthrow Jwindz,  Originals invade overthrowing Dwellers, Brights build An-fang peace square
AD 13,000    Catlanders-Klopts War (Suzdal), Rausog war (Tedesco, Lovaduck)
AD 13,200    iota Hercules = Polaris
AD 13,582    Inter-World Dance (NNNR), Bright Empire "defeated" (escape space-time) (SB)
AD 14,000    Fomalhaut MI rebellion (D'joan fulfills prophesy of ex-Lady Panc Ashash, Elaine), Lady Ru, Douglas-Ouyang planets, Gebeit congohelium tragedy, (Sun-boy, Lord Sto Odin, Lady Mmona, Lord Nuru-or, Flavius of 14-B), Pure ("men gone too long") invasion
AD 15,000    (Lady Alice Moore, formerly Santuna, Lord Jestocost), Lord Sto Dvo, Mark Zwoelf, R'Obert and Shenuda ["God lives"] with help of Karla VomAcht's prophesy, discover Bright Empire in hyperspace, Forgotten One, Drunkboat effect (Artyr and Elizabeth Rambo), HI financed by CLI Fund (Rod MacBan CLI, C'mell, E-telekeli, Lady Johanna Gnade, Lord William, Not-from-here, Lord Issan Olascoaga, Dr. Jeanjacques Vomact), Rediscovery of Man (Virginia, Paul, Maximilien Macht, Lady Da, Go-captain Alvarez)
AD 16,000    religious embargo secretly broken, (Casher O'Neill, D'alma, T'ruth, John Joy Tree, ex-Lady Celalta, SAMM, Folly, Finsternis, Linschotenians)
Abrahami (Rv 6:2, "Magog" Rv 20:8-9)
         diehr-dead (Lord Kemal bin Permaiswari, E'duard, Madu, Kuat, Lari)
AD 17,000 53000  Mark Zwölf, R'Obert and Shenuda ["God lives"], with help of Karla VomAcht's prophesy, discover Bright Empire still alive and well in hyperspace along with the Forgotten One, leads to Drunkboat effect experiment, Holy Insurgency financed by CLI Fund, Rediscovery of Man
AD 18,000 56000 religious embargo secretly broken, Abrahami (Rv 6:2, "Magog" Rv 20:8-9), diehr-dead (Lord Kemal bin Permaiswari, E'duard, Madu, Kuat, Lari) Islamistan, Nuzarahemla, Zoomish, far Go-endy, Cin'tioh, funda, sacra, David Ben-Solomon (David II) becomes Israeli emperor (Rv 6:2), , Dragons conquered in inner galaxy, Sagittarius arm explored, Capt. Yeshu haLevy of Israeli Empire discovers New Canterbury (THC)
AD 19,000 59000 Seventh Reich derlings (Job 18:14) secretly in league with Leb-qamai (Jer 51:1) and the Sheshak Empire (Jer. 25:26, 51:41), Madre Alma virus, Bi-frost Bridge (Pluto-Charon), minddarkening, Sheolgate (Isa 14:15, Wis 16:13, Ps 49:15) infradimensionals, Venus penal colony for Neolamanite Tripe (Rv 2:26-27), ADES, minglings, g'nomes, Solpol vs. astrobiline, cyclopium, jocaine, metamorphine dealers (Job 17:16, Gn 3:14), roberunners (forget-me gnat), coppernix, yufo displaced by Vulcanids (Ez 1:20-21), mwasers
AD 20,000 62000 harbinger Ghroth, Greatquake, 10% of Zara-Hemla destroyed (Rv 11:13), Menehune Stone discovered (Camer lingo), 'Clast War (Rv 6:4, Ez 28), elfs, Project Minerva (hell's-gate Mt 16:18), death's-gate (Ps 9:13, Isa 38:10), abaddongate (Rv 9:11, Ps 88:11, Job 17:7)
AD 21,000 65000 Greaterquake, Zara-Hemla splits into Zara and Hemla, islands and mountains fled (Rv 6:12-14, 11:19, 16:18-21), neonesia (Cuatitloatzin Church, Tlapallan; Bellarmine Church, Meerburg,Thule), Atlantis rises again,  Last World War (Rv 13:7-8, 16:16), 33% die of air pollution (Rv 9:18), Mother of Pus
AD 22,000 68000 Girtablulu freed (scorpion-bird-men) (Rv 9:1-2, 18:2), hellfrogs (Rv 16:13), fire-red dragon Mushussu (Rv 12:3ff), seven-headed dragon Tiamat (Rv 17:3-, Ps 74:13), 'Clasts use super-V-bomb, Zara and Hemla fall (Rv 17:2-18:24), Apis fled, stumbled, fell (Jer 46:15-16), Amon (Egyptians) punished (Nah 3:8, Jer 46:25), Chemosh exiled (Num 21:29, Jdg 11:23-24, 1 Kgs 11:7,2 Kgs 23:13, Jer 48:7), Milcom abandons Jordanians (1 Kgs 11:5, Jer 49:1), Bel confounded, Marduk shattered (Isa 46:1, Jer 50:2), cave men (Rv 6:15)
AD 23,000 71000 33% stars allied with Tiamat (Rv 8: 12, 12:4), 33% land dead (Rv 8:7), 33% sea dead (Rv 8:8-9), 33% freshwater dead. Wormwood fall (Rv 8:10), famine (Rv 6:5-6)
AD 24,000  73000 derlings in league with Sheshak (and so too eedees), sun, moon dimmed (Rv 8:12), Alma Madre virus 25% dead (Rv 6:8, 16:2), Last Lamanite on Earth dead (Rv 6:9-11, 8:1), Nug and Lug clear the Earth, Abyssgate (Rv 20:14, Ez 26:19),  Nephite (undead) plague (Rv 9:6, 20:10, 14), kneeless, tongueless, blind, deaf, unbreathing (Ps 135), 100% sea dead  (Rv 16:3), 100% water polluted (Rv 16:4-6), Firstborn (Dan 12:1-3, Jude 9, 1 Th 3:16, Rv 20:13), sun flares 600% (Rv 16:8-9, Isa 30:26)),
AD 26,000 79000 Thuban = Polaris  (Lk 17:26), leorns, tetramorphs, tridons, Earth "terrorformed" into New Topheth (Isa 30:33), Blood Sea wafted (Rv 21:1) thru "dorthy" skywindows (2 Kgs 7:2, 19, Ps 65:10), Nootopheth's rotation stopped (Rv 7:1), Greatestquake, chronoclasm (2 Pet 3:10, 12), third of universe collapses into black hole cluster, the Pit (Rv 9:1, 2, 11; 11: 7; 17: 8; 20:1, 3), Darkness returns (Isa 13:10, Mt 25:29, Mk 13:24, Rv 6:12, 16:10), Koharites (Num 16, 26:9-11), War in Heaven (Rv 12:7-9),Sheshak exile (Jer 25:26, 50:3)
 AD 27,000 82000 new Heavens and new Earth (Rv 21:1), Hephzibah (Rv 21:2-22:5, Isa 62:4), Beulah (Isa 62:4)