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3800 BC Noah ["he will bring us relief"] born (Gn 5:29)
3280 BC Nephilim born
3300 BC Ham ["hot"], ancestor to Hamites (Gn 5:32; 9:22, 1 Chr 1:8), and Japheth [Yepet "enlarged"], ancestor to Aryans, (Gn 5:31; 6:10;9:27; 10:1; 1 Chr 1:5), second and third sons of Noah, born
3400 BC Deluge
3450 BC Gomer ["complete"], eldest son of Japheth, ancestor to Cimmerians, born (Gn 10:2-3, 1 Chr 1:5)
3500 BC Mizraim ["red soil"], second son of Ham, ancestor of Egyptians, Cretans and Philistines, born (Gn 10:6, 13, 15:20; 1 Chr 1:8, 11; Isa 11:11)
3550 BC Javan ["clay"], fourth son of Japheth, ancestor of Mycenaeans, born (Gn 10:4, 1 Chr 1:5)
3600 BC Ashkenaz ["fire that spreads"], eldest son of Gomer, ancestor of Scythians, born (Gn 10:3, 1 Chr 1:6; Jer 51:27)
2450 BC first pharoah of Egypt (Mizra)
2200 BC Antef I pharoah
1580 BC Mycenaeans (Javanites) spread (Gn 10:5)
1380 BC Seti I builds grand hal of Karnak
1350 BC Ramses II builds cities and temples
1300 BC Gathylos (Gaoidhal, Gaodhal Glas, Gathyelus, Gadelius) when a child in Egypt has his life saved by Moses and by him was promised a serpentless land in the West for his descendants, symbolized on the familial banner of a dead serpent and the rod of Moses, though quite spiritually blinded for 15 centuries, Menepthah  rules
1260 BC Setnakht of Thebes restores order, but not recognized as pharaoh
1255 BC Rameses III, builds temple to Ammon
1220 BC Rameses IV succeeds his father
1200 BC Niul, Gathylos' grandson, teacher in Egypt marries princess Scota, but flees Egypt
1100 BC Cimmerians (Kimmerioi, Gomerites) travel west from Scythia
1000 BC Greeks (Mycenaeans) occupy Miletos, Ionia
 900 BC Keltoi (Celtae, Celts) settle in S. W. France
 800 BC Scythian (Ashkenazites) flourish
 600 BC Goidil [Gwyddel, Gaedheal, Gaels, "the called"] move to Spain, become Celtiberians
400 BC Ith is murdered by the Tuatha de Danaan and avenged by his son Lughaid, his nephew Mileadh, the son of Bile (Miled, Milesios, Milesius ["from Miletos"]); his followers, the Milesians, including Eidersceal ["interpreter, storyteller"], another uncle, travel from Spain to reach S. Ireland (named for Milidh's second son, Ir), the Land of Destiny; the Tuatha De Danaan, who with the Firbolgs ["men of the bags", escaped Greek slaves] are ruled over by the three grandsons of Dagda; descendants of Lughaidh become Corca-Laidh (Corcalee)
 350 BC Milesians build hill forts and ring forts
 250 BC Celts settle Galatia
  30 Jesus is crucified and rises from the dead, Christian Church begins
  50 bards ["he who praises"] and druids ["strong seer"] flourish
  55 epistle to the Galatians written by Paul of Tarsus
 100 Ireland is divided into 5 kingdoms, Cork in Coiced Muman
 200 Daire Sir Creachthach "the Everplundering" rules
 250 Lughaidh MacConn, son of Lughaidh-Laidhe MacNaid ["hero's son"]and Princess Sadhb ni Conn (daughter of Conn of the Hundred Battles) is banished after losing fight in County Limerick against his uncle Art MacConn and step-father King Oilioll Olum of Munster, but later returns to kill Art and is in turn killed by Cormac MacAirt, his cousin
 350 Scoti subdue other tribes
 389 Patricusborn to Calpurnius and Conchessa
 395 Patricus is kidnaped and enslaved by Irish
 401 Patricus escapes after message from angel
 431 Patricus (Padraic) begins mission to Irish who had kidnapped and enslaved him, as assistant to Palladius
 432 Padraic becomes successor to Palladius
 461 Padraic dies, having converted most Irish in only 30 years
 500 future Cork is in kingdom of Muma, one of Ireland's seven
 563 Irish missionaries convert Picts
 585 Columban founds monastic school at Luxeuil
 600 Edersceal becomes 116th high king of Ireland
 615 Columban dies, having prophesied a saintly king of Tyrconnell who would rule 9 years, the second of two Hughs
 620 Vikings invade
 633 Finbar, founder of Cork [Corcach "marsh"], dies
 636 Ireland submits to Rome so as not to appear heretical
 697 N. Ireland submits to Roman rite, discontinuing the Celtic rite, calculating Easter from March 21 not 25 as vernal equinox (which had been universal between A. D. 325 and A. D. 343)
 795 Danish Vikings invade Ireland
 800 Book of Kells of Columcille
 850 Vikings settle and wall in Cork
 916 Danish Vikings invade Ireland
 942 Ederscel MacFinn succeeds Finn MacMutan, Lord of Corca-Laidh, slain by the Feara-Muighe-Feine, becoming 129th high king of Ireland
 979 Malachi defeats Vikings at Tara
1014 Brian Boroimhe defeats Vikings at battle of Contarf ["bulls meadow"]
1057 Vikings kill Bishop Mughron Ua Mutain slain after vesters
1072 Mudain O h-Eirdirsceoil, Prince of Corca-Laidh, is killed while allied with the O Mathghamhna ["bear", Mahony]
1096 King Mahoon O'Seaghsa dies a penitent
1100 O h-Eidirsceoil are beaten by O Donnabhain ["young, tanned, black-haired", Donovan], O Mathghamhna and O Suileabhain ["black-eyed", Sullivan], and so no longer lords of Carberry, Beare Island or Bantry Bay
1152 Synod of Kells divids Ireland into 36 bishoprics, 4 archbishoprics; St. Kieran's church on Cape Clear, Clear Island begins
1154 Awly O h-Eidirsceoil, Prince of Cothluige, is killed at gate of Birr
1155 Pope Adrian IV declares Henry II lord of Ireland
1169 "Strongbow" Richard Clare leads exiled King Dermod MacMurragh of Leinster in invading Ireland; Maccon O h-Eidirscoil is killed at Waterford
1172 Irish princes yeild to Henry II; Normans settle in East
1179 O h-Eidirscoil kills Muirchearthach, son of Diarmuid Mor MacCarthaig, at Ros-Ailitre
1200 O h-Eidirseoil lands are now limited to coastal strip between Castlehaven and Roaringwater Bay
1212 O'Ceadagain kill Aedhgarbh O h-Eidirsceoil
1235 Gaiscin O h-Eidirsceoil and many others are killed by English at Tragh-li
1330 Earl of Desmond rules Cork
1367 anti-Irish statutes are passed
1368 O h-Eidirsceoil allies with Poucear (Powers) against Waterford, killing some one hundred
1413 at Christmas Eve festivities men from Waterford kidnap the O h-Eidirsceoil and family
1418 Bishop O h-Eidirseoil and Maccon O h-Eidirsceoil, his brother and Lord of Corca-Laidh, die ("Genealogy of Corca-Laidh", Book of Lecan)
1442 Fineen son-in-law of Fineen O'Mahony of Rossbrin, succeeds Maccon, successor to Maccon as the O'Driscoll
1450 abbey of Sherkin built
1460 Franciscan Abbey built on Sherkin Island
1461 O'Driscolls and Powers fight Waterford at battle of Ballimacdare
1472 Concobar succeeds Fineen
1500 MacCarthy Mor rules Corcalee
1508 Conor, son-in-law Conor Fionn O'Mahony, succeeds Concobar
1537 Henry VIII declares himself Supreme Head of Church of England and Ireland, outlawed Eucharist; Waterford men burn Sherkin Island abbey and castles in Baltimore and Ringaroga after O'Driscolls try to steal cargo of 100 tons of wine
1538 Fineen O'Driscoll the Rover, privateer for Archbishop Edmund of Cashel, destroys Inishpile base with 30-oar galley
1541 Ireland surrenders to Henry VIII
1553 Mary Tudor becomes queen
1556 plantations are formed from confiscated lands
1558 Elizabeth becomes queen of England and Ireland
1570 Elizabeth is excommunicated
     counterrebellion in Munster nearly wipes out population
1573 Fineen the Rover succeeds Fineen the O'Driscoll
1575 although holdings much are reduced from 500 years before O'Driscolls are still able "to live like barons": O'Driscoll Mor at Collymore, O'Driscoll Og at Collybeg and Glenbarrahane (Castlehaven)
1587 Fineen is knighted by English (after giving up his cheiftainship) for having captured eight Spanish ships; his son Donal leaves for Spain vowing to clear the family name; English conquer O'Neills leaving one
last Irish kingdom, Tyrconnell; its prince, Red Hugh O'Donnell, is kidnapped
1588 English and weather defeat the Spanish armada
1590 Prince Hugh escapes but is then betrayed by Sir Phelim O'Toole
1591 Red Hugh escapes on Christmas Eve, forgives Sir Phelim and spares the English troops profaning the Donegal monastery, assumes kingship as prophesied by Columba 1000 years before
1593 Nine Years' War begins, English take Enniskillen, slaughtering old men, women and children; it's retaken by Irish at Ford of the Biscuits; Irish win against 6:1 odds at Kilteely, 8:1 at Ballaghawry, 15:1 at Pass of the Plumes
1595 Sir Henry Sidney makes vice-regal visit
1596 2500 out of 3500 in English troops are either dead, runaways or converts
1598 Irish win at Yellow Ford as prophesied by Berchan on the feast of the Assumption
1599 Irish win at Curlew Mountains also on the feast of the Assumption; the Earl of Essex's 17,300 men surrender
1600 all but Dublin is now freed from English control, then Lord Mountjoy begins destroying crops and with the aid of Hugh's cousin, Niall Garve , recapturs Donegal monastery; Lord Castlehaven captures
Driscoll castles: Dun na Sead ["fort of the jewels"] (Baltimore), Dun na Long ["fort of the ships"] on Sherkin Island, Dun na Oir ["fort of gold"] on Oilean Chleire (Cape Clear), Dun na Cloghane on Lough Ine
island, Dunagoul on Reengaroga island, Oldcourt, Castlehaven, Ardagh and Rincolisky at Whitehall, Dun na nGall whose stones were used in Pro-Cathedral in Skibbereen
1601 DEC. 7 Spanish ship separated from fleet reaches Castlehaven harbor ; DEC. 25 Irish under Hugh lose for first and last time at Kinsale, 10 miles from Cork ; Sir Fineen surrenders again to the English
1602 Dermot O'Driscoll travels to Spain with Prince Donal O'Sullivan; Hugh dies (of a broken heart it is said) before getting audience with King Phillip of Spain; Sir Fineen is spared the persecution given to
other "rebels"
1603 Bishop Owen McEgan, who had aided holdouts at castle of Dunboy, dies; Conor O'Driscoll, Fineen's son, escapes to Spain with his wife, Ellen McSweeney
1605 Gunpowder Plot results in Oath of Allegiance law
1607 English colonists found city of Baltimore, W. Cork
1609 Sir Fineen leases Cork harbor to Sir Thomas Crooke for 21 years
1612 Sir Fineen and Crooke lose ownership to Sir Walter Coppinger
1629 Sir Fineen dies poor and alone on island in Lough Ine
1631 JUNE 20, Algerians under Dutch Capt. Matthew Rice invade Baltimore, after finding Kinsale guarded, killing two and taking 119 English away as slaves; many of the survivors move upriver to Skibbereen
1641 Great Rebellion causes English to retreat to cities of refuge, Bandon, Kinsale and Cork
1642 Teig O'Driscoll of Collymnore and Donogh O'Driscoll of Inniskerkin lead 200 men in unsuccessful attack of castle at Baltimore; many O'Driscolls are declared outlaws: Dermot of Ouldcourt, Donagh of Glounyfeen, Teige and Fineen of Ballymacrown, Donagh and Cornelius of Downelong, Florence of Ballyieragh (Cape Clear)
1647 Cork issues its own coins in silver and copper
1652 Cromwell's conquest of Ireland ends
1677 Florence O'Driscoll, great grandson of Sir Fineen, grandson of Donagh, born to Cornelius
1690 William III defeats James II at Battle of the Boyne, Cornwall occupied Cork opposed by Col. O'Driscoll at Ringroan castle until accidental explosion killed 40; NOV. he was killed in an attack on the Manor-House
1691 last stand is made at Limerick
1695 anti-Catholic penal laws are passed
1707 Denis born to Florence O'Driscoll
1715 John "the Singing Patriot" Porter of Gloucestershire (near. Bristol), Eng., sent to Baltimore Co., Md., it is said, for writing a derogatory poem against King George III
1722 John Porter finished 7 years service to planter
1737 John Porter born to John
1763-67 John and Moses Porter worked on surveying Mason-Dixon line between Maryland and Pennsylvania (John settling on the Md. side and Moses on the PA, near what would become Wellersburg, Somerset Co., PA; Moses had sons John, grandsons Evan and Henry, great grandchildren Leonard, John, Moses, David, Catherine, Ellen, Samuel, Margaret and Joseph, great great grandchildren Elizabeth, Lucinda, Isaac, Margary and Emmanuel)
1765 John Porter and Nancy McKenzie married and bought home at Carrolton, Md., from Charles Carrol, a signer of the Declaration of Independence
1766 William born to Denis O'Driscoll, would succeed as "the Driscoll" when his brother Michael died in 1849
1768 (or 1763) first child, Michael Porter born to John and Nancy (McKenzie) Porter (would marry Sarah Pond)
1772 (or 1765) second child, Samuel Porter (would marry Jane, daughter of Thomas Anderson, and have children, Elizabeth (married Mr. Devore and went west), two daughters, William, Benjamin (went to New Orleans), John of S., Michael, become known as one of best rifleman in Allegheny Mts., built cabin on Play Place where four animal trails crossed) and third child, Thomas (or 1766), born to John and Nancy (McKenzie) Porter
1776 SEPT. (or 1774, 1768)  Gabriel "Kinney" McKenzie Porter born to John Porter at Carrolton, Baltimore (now Carrol) Co., Md., would marry Rebecca Frost of Frostburg
1777 John and Moses Porter served in Cumberland Militia under Capt. Paxton
1778 (or 1770) fifth child, Henry, born to John and Nancy Porteranti-Catholic laws are eased in Ireland
1781 (or 1771) sixth child, Moses, born to John and Nancy Porter (sons, Bob, (sons George, Alex) Jim)
1782 John Porter and his wife (McKenzie) resettle in Allegany Co., near Mt. Savage, PA (but which he thought was in Md.), help build St. Patrick's, first church west of Ft. Cumberland
1783 seventh child, John "Squire Jack", born to John and Nancy Porter 1764 Michael born to Denis O'Driscoll, would succeed as "the O'Driscoll" upon death of his brother Matthias' son's death in a duel in America, would marry Helena O'Driscoll, daughter of T. J. O'Driscoll and a great aunt also an O'Driscoll
1785 eighth child, Nellie, born to John and Nancy Porterwould marry a Mr. Mattingly and a Mr. Winters)
1790 (or 1791) SEPT. 1 sixth child, John of S., born to John and Jane Porteron Play Place, Pine Mt., Md.
1792 APR. 12 seventh child, Michael "Squire Mike", born to Samuel and Jane Porter on Play Place, Pine Mt., Md.
1794 (?) William born to Samuel and Jane Porter on Play Place, Pine Mt., Md.
1798 Irish rebell while English fought French, but are crushed
1800 Irish parliment is dissolved
1801 United Kingdom is formed by annexing Ireland to Great Britain
1804 JAN. 10 fourth son, Moses, born to "Kinney" and Rebecca Porter
1810 John Porter, 73, (father of Michael, Samuel, Thomas, Gabriel, Henry, Moses, John and Nellie) died at Rose Meadows near Eckert Mine and Clarysville, Md, succeeded by his son "Squire Jack" Porter, 27, who would marry Catherine Glisson (children, Dr. William who married Mary Ellen Gibson, Rebecca McCarthy and Sally A. French (children, writer Glisson (son Jim)), William "Cream Billy" who married a Miss Browning, John who married Mils Bush
1814 AUG. John of S. Porter went to defend Baltimore from British but was mustered out by Nov.
1816 first child, Sarah, born of Squire Mike and Elizabeth Porter (would marry distant cousin Josiah "Si" Porter, children Josiah who married Mary Lewis and had 14 children including Hattie who married Vincent Engle, Elizabeth who married Joseph Tibbots, Jane who married Andrew Nelson, Maria who married William Anderson and then George Carter, sister's brother-in-law and had children, Willa Anderson who married James Gracie (children, Dr. William Gracie) and Joseph (son, Joseph, Baltimore lawyer) and Charles Carter (son, Elmer Cumberland lawyer)), Catherine who married Joseph Carter, who was killed in a mine, her sisters' brother-in-law, and then John Sharpe and had children, including Josephine Carter who married William Bennet and William Sharpe, a Chatanooga meat merchant, Dock who married Ann Repham, his brother-in-laws' sister, Harriet who married her sisters' brother-in-law, James Carter and had 6 children, Matilda "Tillie" who married Justus Repham, her sister-in-laws' brother, and had a daughter and a son William, a mine foreman, William who married Maggie Rephem, his brother-in-laws' sister, Emla who married John Lear)
John of S. Porter, 26, marries Hannah Combs (daughter of Cudberth, sister of William, Mary, Martha)
1817 second child, Richard, born to Squire Mike and Elizabeth Porter, AUG. 22 first child, Eliza, born to John of S. and Hannah Porter
1819 third child, Emla, born to Squire Mike and Elizabeth Porter would marry John Joar and move to Preston Co., WV
1820 fifth child, Rebecca, born to Squire Mike and Elizabeth Porter; JUNE 4 William born to John of S. and Hannah Porter
1821-2 first potato blight hits in Ireland
1822 JULY 16 Samuel born to John of S. and Hannah Porter
1826 ninth child, Mary Ann, born to Squire Mike and Elizabeth Porter who would marry cousin Levil Porter APR. 20 Moses Porter, 22,  marries Any Wade of Frostburg
1828 tenth child, John "Bob", born to Squire Mike and Elizabeth Porter
1829 The Catholic Emancipation Act restores most of Catholics' civil rights after 300-year persecution
1830 John and Ellen Driscoll marry, Cork, Ireland, NOV 1830 Florian Halm was born in Schlesien, Pruessen
1832 Daniel "Dan" Driscoll, first child of John and Ellen (Callahan, [O'Ceallachain, "descendant of a young warrior"]), born near Cork
1833 eleventh child, Nancy, born to Squire Mike and Elizabeth Porter who would marry Confederate John Kimberley (children Jane and Lewis who married respectively William and Lucinda Porter, distant cousins) and George Porter, her nephew, with whom she went to WV
1834 Eliza Porter marries John Hardin and move to one of grandfather Combs' farms
1835 twelfth child, William, born to Squire Mike and Elizabeth Porter, first child, Mary Ellen, born to John and Eliza (Porter) Hardin
1836 Moses Porter moves to Tyrone, Fayette Co., PA
1837 MAY James Driscoll, second child of John and Ellen, also born near Cork
1839 widower Cudberth Combs moves family to Washington Co., PA along with granddaughter Eliza and John Hardin  
1840 Cork second largest city in Ireland, total population 8,196,000; John' s 90-year-old mother walks 12 miles from Cork to visit; Levi D. born to John and Eliza (Porter) Hardin
1841 insurrection put down in Ireland, APR. 20-25 John of S. moves family from Md. to Back Bone Mt., Va (later WV)
1842 APR. 20 Gabriel "Kinney" McKenzie Porter died (children by Rebecca Frost of Frostburg: Jane, Josiah, John, Moses and Margaret)
1843 APR. 6 William Porter marries Susan Sell
1844 first child, Timothy, born to William and Susan Porter, Hannah Porter dies after having been partially paralyzed , DEC. 26 Jane Driscoll, third child of John and Ellen, born probably also near Cork
1845 father of Dan, James and Jane Driscoll dies young (24+) while James and Jane play marbles; over previous 20 years 700,000 Irish emigrated to U.S.
1845-8 potato blight causes national famine; DEC. 11 Samuel Porter and Elnore Rudolph marry
1846 widower John of S. Porter and daughter Martha, 9, move in with his son Samuel, 11, son Aden to his brother William, daughter Maria, 13, to John Rudolph; John Franklin born to William and Susan Porter
1848 Mary Elizabeth born to Samuel and Elnora Porter
1849 Martha Ellen born to William and Susan Porter, died in childhood; James Henry born to William and Susan Porter
1850 MAR. 4 William Porter, 29, preacher like his brother Samuel, dies, leaving widow Susan with 5 children, JULY Anne Downey [Dunadhaig, "young fortress dweller"], daughter of Mary Curran [Corrain, "spearman"], born with twin sister in London; Emma Line born to John and Eliza (Porter) Hardin; Samuel Sylvester born to Susan Porter, widow of William
1851 over previous 5 years 1,000,000 more Irish emigrated to U.S., most through Cork harbor; Ann's father is assumed to have fallen overboard while painting a ship, but Anne's mother, Mary, takes her twin to U.S. to look for him, (the "stronger" twin died in route) leaving Anne with the Currans near the Lakes of Killarney, County Kerry, possibly her uncle Tady who raised geese, Anne lives with her father's family in London and attends a convent school; Ancient Order of Hibernians is founded in New York
1852 James Driscoll works in Woolerton Naval yards, 8 miles from London
1853 James Driscoll joins British army, lying about his age, serving out two years, amid "hardship and misery" including the Crimean War; "We young fellows thought it was a smart trick to  go to war, but before we were through we changed our minds. Half of our army, it seems, was frozen to
death. Our horses, the finest in the world, died and had to be replaced by Spanish mules. We slept in tents in that bitter climate." his brother, Dan, deserts to New Jersey while on furlough with aid of mother Anne who burned his uniform and denied having seen him; John Wesley born to John and Eliza (Porter) Hardin
1853 Dr. Ellis Porter marries Aleinda Gibson (children, Muscoe S., John St. Pierre, Robert S., Lindley and sixothers)
1854 James Driscoll, one of the "Noble 600" in Charge of the Light Brigade (according to Adrian, MI, Daily Telegraph), is wounded "nearly from knee to ankle" by Russian musket ball
1855 The three Driscolls travel seven weeks across the Atlantic in a sail boat to Canada, but James rejects the offered 160-acre Canadian land grant to work in Toronto until he, his mother, Anne, and sister,  Jane, had passage to cross the Niagra to settle near Bellevue, OH; not knowing his birthday James chooses Independance Day, July 4
1856 anti-immigrant Know-Nothing party is defeated; first child, Mary,  born to Dan and Catherine either near Little Rock, Ark. (or Pierce City, Mo.), would become a school teacher and marry Jacob Stautzenberger and Mike Doyle, and have 2 children -- Mary and Catherine Doyle who live in Toledo, Oh. -- and for a while lived in Chillicothe and near Pierce City, Mo, Richard Porter, 39, went to St. Charles, Mo.; Sarah Rebecca born to John and Eliza (Porter) Hardin
1857 James and Jane Driscoll and their mother reunite with brother Dan; Dan marries Catherine Bowe in Sandusky, OH, and they live in a log house 7 miles southeast of Bellevue; mother Anne lives with Dan until her remarriage to John Hyde
1859 APR. 30 fourth child, Bertha, born to Florian and Maria Anna Halm Bertha Halm was born in Kreis Frankenstein, Schlesien,
1860 (?) Elizabeth born to John and Eliza Hardin, James Albert born to John and Eliza (Porter) Hardin, second child, Ellen, born to Dan and Catherine Driscoll; Jane Driscoll, "the most beautiful woman in Northern OH", marries her brother-in-law James Bowe and they have at least seven children -- Dannie, Lydia, Katie, Janie, Johnnie who would live in Oklahoma, Ella who would be shot and killed by a jilted suiter at 18 and Catherine who would marry a Hornbostee and have two children: Peggy, who would become a dance teacher in California and James, an attorney in Springfield, Mo.,
1861 Jane lives with her brother Dan Driscoll while her husband James Bowe fights in the Civil War
1862 Samuel born to William and Elizabeth (Rizer) Porter on Place Place, Pine Mt., Md. would marry Anne Engle FEB. 17 John of S. dies near Horseshow Run, Preston Co., WV, MAR. 22 third child, Julia Ann, born to Dan and Catherine Driscoll, would marry William Washburn
1863 "Squire Jack" Porter, 80, dies; son "Cream Billy" sold Rose Meadows after about 80 yearsin family and moved to Oregon
1864  Jane Bowe and family move to Pierce City, Missouri, when James returns; John Wesley Hardin, 11, dies; Samuel Porter and his brother-in-law Peter Heckert move families to Ogden, MI
1865 (?) George Gliss dies in Civil War, leaving widow Suzanne (Porter) with 12 children
1866 Frank born to William and Elizabeth (Rizer) Porter on Play Place, Pine Mt., Md., fifth child, Otillie, born to Florian and Maria Anna Halm in Kreis Frankenstein, Schlesien, (would marry Bruno Kleineidam)
1867 Orvil (?) Wotring and Mary Elizabeth Porter marry, NOV sixth child, Mary, born to Florian and Maria Anna Halm in Kreis Frankenstein, Schlesien, (would marry Carl Kaufeld)
1868 Timothy Porter, 24, dies (married Louisa Roth, son William Harvey of Veradale, WA, who would marry Edna Switzer, grandchildren, Ethel May, Bert, Alma, Dickie and Mable)
1870 Anne Downey comes to America after hearing that her mother had died (having abandoned her quest for her husband and remarried a Quinn), and after working in the east settles with her aunt Katie who had married John Kirwin and had a son John, in Bellevue, OH; Dan moves his family to Chillicothe, Mo.; James Albert Hardin, 10, dies; John Franklin Porter and Harriet Harvey-Wiles marry; James Henry Porter and Olive Shaffer marry
1871 Dan Driscoll dies of typhoid, his widow Catherine returns to farm on Beckstein Road 3 miles east of Bellevue, OH, with eight children
1872 sixth child, Josef, born to Florian and Maria Anna Halm in in Kreis Frankenstein, Schlesien, (would marry Anna Gerlich), MAY 13 James Driscoll, 35, marries Anne Downey, delicately built, with exceptionally sweet disposition and only 22, Bellevue, OH, buys a house in Bellevue for $1000, 4 years' farmhand wages; Susan (Sell) Porter dies
1873 Bertha Halm, 14, and Paul A. Wetzel, 17, marry in Schlesien, Germany, 15 MAR. eighth child, Wendelin, born to Florian and Maria Anna Halm in Kreis Frankenstein, Schlesien,
1874 James and Anne Driscoll's first child dies in infancy
1875 JULY 23 second child, Teresa, born to James and Anne Driscoll; Samuel Sylvester, 25, and Harriet Wotring marry, SEPT. 13 nineth child, Hermann Josef, born to Florian and Maria Anna Halm born at Moschwitz, Kreis Frankenstein, Schlesien,
1876 James Henry and Samuel Sylvester Porter move families to Ogden, Lnawee Co., MI, DEC. 11 third child, Josephine "Josie", born to James and Anne Driscoll; four or five of the youngest children of Dan and Catherine Driscoll, John, Katie, Maggie, Sarah and another daughter all die of diphtheria, just five years after their father
1877 FEB. 15 "Squire Mike" died on Play Place, Pine Mt., Md. (had prepared for priesthood but married protestant Elizabeth Devore, brother-in-law's sister, who died of snakebite, became Methodist, hunted with Mesdick Browning, author of 42 Years a Hunter, children Sarah, Richard, Emla, Suzanne who married George Gliss, Rebecca, Catherine who died young, Thomas who died in infancy, Thomas who married Mary Ann McKenzie, Mary Ann, John, Nancy, William)
1879 fourth child, Daniel, born to James and Anne Driscoll
1880 fifth child, Margaret, born to James and Anne Driscoll, dies in infancy; JAN. 1 Amelia born to Peter and Helen Hernberger at Saginaw, MI, APR. 19 Martha Ann born to Paul and Bertha Wetzel (would marry Carl R. Eberle)
MAR. 9 Ellen marries John Walsh of Wexford, Ireland (both buried in St. Mary's cemetary, Bellevue, OH); Julia Ann marries William Washburn, Avalon, Mo.
1881 JUNE 26 first child, Maretta, born to Julia Ann and William Washburn, OCT. 15 second child, George Sylvester, born to Paul and Bertha Wetzel
1882 JAN. 10 sixth child, Gertrude "Trudy", born to James and Anne Driscoll, family moves to near Deerfield, MI, selling the farm on Woodpecker  Road, 3 miles from Bellevue, which had been bought with the money from selling the land and the house in the city to the railroad for $800 each, FEB. 7 Maria Clara born to Peter and Helen Herberger in Saginaw, MI
1883 APR. 30 seventh child, James Aloysius, born to James and Anne Driscoll, 2½ miles southwest of Deerfield, MI
1884 John "Bob" Porter dies (married distant cousin Rebecca Porter, children Margaret, John Wesley, William Ward, Josiah J., Michael, Margaret who went insane during a forest fire when young, later burned grandfather Mike's books in fireplace), AUG. 30 Julia, first child, born to Ellen and John Walsh, Bellevue, OH
1885 Emma Line Hardin, 35, dies; Mary Elizabeth (Porter) Wotring, 37, dies in Barry Co., MI (children, Agnes, Herbert, Etta, Fred, John, Lena, John Wotring who married Sophie Woolett)
1887 NOV. Mary born to Florian and Maria Anna Halm,  DEC. 14 third child, Stephen, born to Ellen and John Walsh, Bellevue, OH
1889 JUNE 20 second child, John Ellsworth, born to Julia Ann and William Washburn, SEPT. Carl Kaufield born to Carl and Mary Kaufeld  
1890  FEB. 28 fourth child, Catherine, born to Ellen and John Walsh; Richard Wilson, second husband of Catherine dies; JUNE 9 Moses Porter died Tyrone, Fayette Co., PA, (15 children by Any (Wade): Margaret, Rebecca who married John Keyser of Tyrone, Fayette Co., PA, James Dennis, Dr. G. Ellis of Lonagoning, Samuel Smith of Westmoreland Co., George Westley of Westmoreland Co., Elisha of Tyrone, Lydia of Tyrone, Dr. Lutellus Lindley of Boone Co., Io. and Washington state, John, William, Michael, Martin, Elizabeth), DEC. 19 Elfrieda born to Florian and Maria Anna (Hernberger) Halm
1891 APR. 24 Elsie Kaufield born to Carl and Mary Kaufeld, JUNE 15 third child, Clarence Ernest, born to Julia Ann and William Washburn, DEC. 2 Margarite Kaufield born to Carl and Mary (Halm) Kaufeld
1892 Frank Porter marries Jean Williamson and left Pine Mt.(children teacher Jean and Lloyd of Pontiac, MI), JAN. 21 fifth child, Hazel, born to Ellen and John Walsh; Catherine, Daniel Driscoll's and Richard Wilson's widow, dies near Monroeville, OH, AUG Marie Kaufield born to Carl and Mary Kaufeld (married Al Schwartz)
1893 JUNE 14 fourth child, Alice, born to Julia Ann and William Washburn
1894 AUG. 27 Ida Lucy born to Paul and Bertha Welzel
1895 AUG. 28 Wendelin Halm comes to US, SEPT. 30 Samuel Porter,73, preacher like his brother William, dies,
1896 Maria Anna (Kunarth) Halm died in Kreis Frankenstein, Schlesien, NOV. 7 sixth child, John P., born to John and Ellen Walsh, didn't marry
1897 JAN. Martha Kaufield born to Carl and Mary Kaufeld, FEB. 12 Eliza (Porter) Hardin dies (children, Mary Ellen, Levi, Elizabeth, Lydia and Agnes who died in childhood, Emm Line, James Albert)
1898 MAR. Clara Kaufield born to Carl and Mary Kaufeld, JULY 28 seventh child, Ann J., born to John and Ellen Walsh
1900 FEB. 10 Daniel W. born to Carl and Mary (Halm) Kaufeld
1901 SEPT. 26 Maretta Washburn marries Rev. George Towe, Baptist, Manes, Mo., FEB. 25 first child, Ormond, born to Arthur Byron "Art" and Theresa (Driscoll) Atkin (who had taught school in Lenawee Co. before marrying)
1902 15 MAR 1902 Florian Halm, 72, in Kreis Frankenstein, Schlesien, it is said, of burst blatter, (children, August, Hattie, Ida, Bertha, Otillie, Mary, Josef, Wendelin, Hermann Joseph), AUG. 8 first child, Julia Elizabeth, born to Rev. George and Maretta Towe, Springfield, Mo.; AUG. 26 eighth child, Ellen, born to John and Ellen Walsh; Samuel Porter's homestead  Place Place, Pine Mt., sold after about 112 years
1903 JUNE 2 Wendelin Halm, 30, and Maria Clara Hernberger, 21, marry, Saginaw, MI, AUG. 4 Trudy Driscoll marries Alvin Eaton in Deerfield, MI, then lives in Monroe for about 5 years, then for awhile in Blissfield and near Palmyra; Mary Ellen Hardin, 68, dies
1904 Samuel, last Porter on Pine Mt. leaves, FEB. 29 first child, Ira Mae, born to Alvin and Trudy (Driscoll) Eaton, Monroe, MI, who would marry Jack Coehrs, Toledo meat market owner; MAR. 8 Paul J. born to Bruno and Otillie (Halm) Klieneidam, JULY 29 second child, William Odel, born to Maretta and Rev. George Towe; FALL James Aloysius Driscoll, farm worker, and Gola Mae "Goldie" Amberson, teacher, met and went out a few time but then, according to Goldie, "I forgot all about him."
1905 FEB. 26 nineth child, Sylvia, born to John and Ellen Walsh, MAY 17 Herman Joseph Halm, 30, and Amelia Hernberger, 25, (his brother's sister-in-law) marry at Sacred Heart, Saginaw, MI
1906 MAR. 17 Alfred Wendell born to Herman and Amelia Halm at Saginaw, MI, MAY James Driscoll retires, moves to Hudson, MI; daughter, Josephine and husband take over farm for about next 5 years; JUNE 5 George Welzel, 24, and Frances Catherine Doerr, 22, marry, JULY 28 second child, Frances Leland, born to Art and Theresa Atkin; SUMMER James Aloysius Driscoll, working at Blissfield sugar beet factory, and Goldie become serious -- about her converting and marrying after 4 generations as Protestants
1907 JAN. 28 second child, Walter Theodore, born to Julia Elizabeth and Rev. George Towe; FEB. 12 James Aloysius Driscoll marries Goldie Mae Amberson, (a ninth-generation American, she's descended from Dempseys [Diomasaigh "proud one"] as well as English, French, German and Scotch) St. Alphonus Church, Deerfield, MI and then they move to farm a mile or so east-southeast of Homer, MI; APR. 17 third child, Alma Anna, born to Trudy and Alvin Eaton, Monroe, MI (second child, Haywood Daniel, had been born prematurely while she was visiting her sister in Toledo and did not survive) MAY 20 Julia Walsh marries William Addis, OCT. 23 Donald Robert born to Wendelin and Maria Clara Halm at Saginaw, MI,
1908 MAY 10 Cecile, first child, born to Julia and William Addis, N. Monroeville, OH; first child, Amberson Martin "Amby", born to James and Goldie near Hudson, MI; OCT. 31 Julia Ann Washburn dies
1909 Rebecca (Porter) Hardin, 89, dies (had married first cousin's brother, James), most of her 14 children having died of diptheria in childhood, except son Michael of Frost, Mo., who married Barberry Shartzer APR. 4 Elfrieda Marcella Kaufield born to Carl and Mary (Halm) Kaufeld, SEPT. 4 fourth child, Clarence Henry, born to Julia Elizabeth and Rev. George Towe; SEPT. 18 second child, Harold Aloysius "Hal", born to James and Goldie Driscoll; Catherine Walsh marries C. W. Kindred, Bellevue, OH
1910 Hazel Walsh marries Delbert Zerwin; JAN. 26 third child, Gladys, born to Theresa and Art Atkin, JUNE 10 Walter P. born to Herman and Amelia Halm, JUNE 30 Herman F. born to Herman J. and Amelia Halm at Saginaw, MI
1911 FEB. 23 Herman F. died at less than 8 months old, buried from Sacred Heart, APR. 22 fifth child, Lyle Joseph, born to Trudy and Alvin Eaton (fourth child, Rita Gertrude, died in infancy); SEPT. 8 third child, Dorothy Mae, born to James and Goldie Driscoll; OCT. first child, Stewart, born to Hazel and Delbert Zerwin; Lyle, second child, born to Ellen and John Walsh, Bellevue, OH
1912 JAN. 14 Rosemary T. born to Herman and Amelia Halm, Saginaw, MI, NOV 22 Rosemond "Margaret" Margurite born to Wedelin and Maria Clara Halm at Saginaw, MI,
1913 JAN. 14 third child, Lynn, born to Ellen and John Walsh, Bellevue, OH; MAR. 9 fourth child, Grace, born to Theresa and Art Atkin (would marry Clifford Sulier and have daughter Teresa); MAY 21 sixth child, Madonna Cecilia, born to Trudy and Alvin Eaton, near Palmyra, MI;
AUG. 26 second child, Romaine, born to Hazel and Delbert Zerwin; James and Goldie Driscoll move family to Church's Corners, MI, and started grocery store (a business his sons would continue in); APR. 23 fourth child, Atheline Alice, born to James and Goldie, Church's Corners, MI
1914 JAN. 10 first child, Orrin Ellsworth, born to Alice Washburn Rumfelt; APR. 27 Atheline dies of pneumonia just 4 days after first birthday, is buried in Calvary Cemetary, Hudson, MI; Anne becomes ill so she and James Driscoll move in with their daughter Josephine in Adrian, MI; seventh child, Lawrence Stanley, stillborn to Trudy and Alvin Eaton near Palmyra, MI; Amby starts school at 5½, JUNE 30 Herbert Welzel and Agnes Bourbannais marry at Holy Family, Saginaw, MI
1915 FEB. 8 fourth child, Beatrice, born to Julia and William Addis, Bellevue, OH; Hal Driscoll starts school at 6; MAR. 9 Helen T. born to Herman and Amelia Halm at Saginaw, MI, JULY 9 James H. born to Herbert and Agnes Welzel, JULY 21 Peter born to Wendelin and Maria Clara Halm at Saginaw, MI, NOV. 21 eighth child, Audrey Lois, born to Trudy and Alvin Eaton
1916 Vincent and Hattie (Porter) Engle, move back to John Porter's Rose Meadows after its being 53 years outside of family JAN. 21 fifth child, James Clarence, born to James and Goldie at Church's Corners, MI; MAR. 17 fifth child, Kathleen, born to Julia and William Addis, Castalia, OH; JUNE 28 sixth child, Georgie Eugene, born to Julia Elizabeth and Rev. George Towe;
1917 JUNE 18 James and Goldie Driscoll move family to Homer, MI, and did well selling feed and coal, but not as well as at Church's Corners, MI; after seven doctors and five weeks of in-home nursing Dorothy was healed of acute Bright's disease and by Fall well enough to go to school; NOV. 9 sixth child, Verne Vincent, born to James and Goldie Driscoll , Homer, MI; Trudy and Alvin Eaton move to Toledo, OH
1918 MAR. 10 second child, Dorman Alfred, born to Alice Washburn Rumfelt; Ann J. Walsh marries Ed Murphy; James and Goldie Driscoll move family to Hillsdale, MI, start meat market
1919 Levi Hardin, 79, dies, MAY 31 seventh child, Virginia Jane, born to James and Goldie Driscoll, Hillsdale, MI; JULY 18 seventh child, Raymond Dail, born to Julia Elizabeth and Rev. George Towe; JULY 30 first child, Kenneth, born to Ann and Ed Murphy
1920 John Franklin Porter, 74, dies (children by Harriet (Harvey-Wiles), Herbert, Lora who married William Spaulding of Toledo, OH, William of Cleveland, OH, and by second wife,Addie and Elva), and Friday JAN. 13 Virginia Jane dies of pneumonia at 7½ months; OCT. 29 Audrey Eaton dies at 4, Hudson, MI; NOV. 20 Wallace James born to Wendelin and Maria Clara Halm and died 4 days later, Christmas DEC. 25 first child, Johnnie Franklin, born to Clarence Ernest Washburn, (had a brother Clarence Dean who lived in Embree, Mo.; James and Goldie Driscoll move family to Jackson, MI
1921 JAN. third child, Audrey Ellen, born to Alice Washburn Rumfelt; MAR. 18 first child, Margery, born to Ellen Walsh Burgraff; MAR. 17 St. Patrick's Day eighth child, Marian Patricia, born to James and Goldie Driscoll; MAR. 29 second child, Jack, born to Ann and Ed Murphy
1922 FEB. 6 eighth child, Mary Aldean, born to Julia Elizabeth and Rev. George Towe; APR. 14 ninth child, Regina, born to Trudy and Alvin Eaton, Toledo, OH; AUG. 15 third child, Eileen, born to Ann and Ed Murphy; DEC. 26 Julia Elizabeth Towe marries Ermal Joplin; Daniel Driscoll, 43, dies
1923 JAN. 19 ninth child, Maxine Ann, born to James and Goldie Driscoll; AUG. 13 second child, Ellen, born to Ellen Walsh Burgraff
1924 Elizabeth Hardin, 64, dies, MAY 18 first child, Alice, born to John Ellsworth Washburn; SEPT. 29 tenth child, Lucille Denise, born to James and Goldie Driscoll
1925 FEB. 8 fourth child, Beatrice, born to Julia and William Addis, Bellevue, OH; FEB. 16 ninth child, Paul Franklin, born to Julia Elizabeth and Rev. George Towe; APR. 29 Ann dies at age 75 at Adrian after three-years' illness, is buried in Calvary Cemetary, Hudson,
MI; MAY 22 first child, Ermal Dean, born to Julia Elizabeth and Ermal Joplin;  Walter Theodore Towe marries Purley Gearing, Springfield, Mo.
1926 APR. 26, third child, Helen, born to Hazel and Delbert Zerwin, but neither mother and daughter survive; MAY 1 third child, Kitty, of Catherine and C. W. Kindred dies after two boys had died in infancy; JUNE 26 first child, Conrad Clement, born to Alma (Eaton) and Clement Kirsch; Amby Driscoll gets to know future wife Genevieve O'Connor, though families had known each other while in Church's Corners, Hillsdale and Jackson (Genevier's sister had made her first Communion with Dorothy and Harold and her parents were Marian's godparents); OCT. 30 second child, Wilma Dean, born to Julia Elizabeth and Ermal Joplin
1927 MAR. 29 James Driscoll dies at Adrian, MI, still active in 90s, buried Calvary Cemetary, Hudson; JAN. 9 fourth child, Keith, born to Ann and Ed Murphy; FEB. 22 first child, Retta Elizabeth, born to Walter Theodore and Purley Towe
1928 JAN. 16 second child, Carrine Ann, born to Alma and Clement Kirsch; JUNE 16 Cecile Addis marries Carl Martin, Norwalk, OH; NOV. 1 third child, Bonna Jean, born to Julia Elizabeth and Ermal Joplin; JULY 5 Amby Driscoll marries Genevieve O'Connor, Ottawa, Ill., lives in Morris, Ill.; Cecile Addis marries Carl Martin; 27-year-old bachelor Ormond Atkin mades a round-the-world trip
1929 Amby Driscoll moves to Jackson, works in grocery stores; JUNE 4 Paul Kleineidam and Margaret H. Wieczorick marry, DEC. 17 Lila born to Alfred and Mary Ann Halm, DEC. 26 third child, Betty, born to Ellen Walsh Burgraff
1930 APR. 4 William Odel Towe marries Minnie Cox, Ozark, Mo.; JULY 19 Doris Nadean Towe, fifth child of Julia Elizabeth and Rev. George Towe, marries Guy Massey, Springfield, Mo.; DEC. 23 third child, Lila Mae, born to Alma and Clement Kirsch
1931 James Henry Porter, 82, dies (children, Oscar, Cora, Albah, Howard, Ernest, Stanley, Maurice, Gladwin, Grace), FEB. 5 Donald born to Donald Robert and Jennie Halm, MAR. 14 Lyle Addis marries Pearl Ebersole, Bellevue, OH; MAR. 23 Alfred J. born to Alfred W. and Mary Ann Halm, APR. 20 first child, Ernest Alford, born to Doris Nadean and Guy Massey; MAY 27 first child, Clair Eugene, born to Amby and Genevieve Driscoll, Jackson, MI; JULY 31 F. Leland Atkin (who had attended MI State College and Notre Dame to become a chemist) marries convert Clara Fracker of Michigan Center, MI, at St. Mary's Church, Jackson, MI.; AUG. 31 Richard, first child, born to Cecile and Carl Martin, Cleveland, OH; SEPT. 29, fourth child, Lawrence Jay, born to Alma and Clement Kirsch, Toledo, OH
1932 FEB. 3 Amelia Halm, 52, died at the dinner table in Saginaw, MI, OCT. 1 Hal Driscoll, proprietor of a fruit market, marries Isabel Marie Tracy, who had been a student nurse at Mercy Hospital with his sister Dorothy, at St. John's Jackson, MI; OCT. 5 Marjorie born to Louis and Margaret Gawne), OCT. 20 first child, Amoretta "Amo", born to Leland and Clara Atkin
1933 JULY 12 first child, Joan Therese, born to Hal and Isabel Driscoll; OCT. 8 first child, Enid, born to Lyle and Pearl Addis; fifth child, Donald, born to Ann and Ed Murphy
1934 Samuel Sylvester Porter, 84, dies (children, Stella Mae who married Fred Wiltres, Carrie who married W. H. Howland of CA, Iva who married Joel Iffland of Adrian, MI, Lela who married Preston Luke of Palmyra, MI, Wilma who married Archie Bruce of Ogden, MI, Margaret who married A. Bruce, Clemintina of PA) , FEB. 8 second child, Betty Ann, born to John Ellsworth Washburn; MAY second child, Harold Tracy, born prematurely to Hal and Isabel Driscoll; JUNE 12 Clair, daughter of Hal and Isabel Driscoll dies of acute appendicitis at 3; AUG. Harold Tracy dies at 3 months, both buried at St. John's Cemetary, Jackson, MI; SEPT. 1 second child, John, born to Leland and Clara Atkin; SEPT. 15 Howard C. Berry and Helen T. Halm marry, NOV. 30 second child, James, born to Josie and Edward McNulty (would marry Marie Henzie and have a son, Patrick James, and live in Adrian, MI whose first child, Wayne, and fifth, Camillus, die young; third, Sylvester and fourth, Mary survive); Dorothy Driscoll graduated from nursing training school, had studied with future sisters-in-law Isabel Tracy and Isabel Warfield (Dorothy and Isabel would work together at St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital, Monroe, MI, and at Bixby Hospital, Adrian, MI
1935 AUG. 14 Sylvia Walsh marries Donald Pugh and first child, Kenneth Lyle, born to Lyle Eaton and Mildred (Evans); OCT. 14 Trudy Eaton dies at 53 of cancer in Toledo; NOV. 16 third child, David James, born to Hal and Isabel Driscoll with Dorothy as nurse; NOV. 28 Thanksgiving Day, Amby Driscoll and family move to Saginaw, MI where he ran a grocery store in partnership with his brother James
1936 FEB. 21 third child, William Wallace, born to John Ellsworth Washburn; MAR. 1 Patrick born to Amby and Genevieve Driscoll; MAR. 15 first child, William P., born to Peter and Ann Halm at Saginaw, MI, JUNE 28 first and second children, Raymond W. and Richard, born to Gladys (Atkin, who like her mother had taught school before marrying) and Raymond Cousineau, but Richard did not live; JULY 4 first child, William Arron, born to William Odel and Minnie Towe; AUG. 18 third child, Glenn, born to Leland and Clara Atkin;  OCT. 26 second child, Dawn, born to Lyle and Pearl Addis, Bellevue, OH
1937 JUNE 28 second child, Charleen Gertrude, born to Lyle and Mildred Eaton (third child, Gary Thomas, lives in Toledo, OH); AUG. 19 third child, Dolores, born to Gladys and Raymond Cousineau; SEPT. 16 Lynn Addis marries Julia Phillips, Almsted Falls, OH; Louis Attenbaugh, husband of Madonna (Eaton) dies, (she would remarry Mike Padis)
1938 Clarence Henry Towe marries Louise East, Springfield, Mo.; SEPT. John Neuenfeldt and Mary Lou Klieneidam marry, OCT. 1 Georgie Eugene Towe and Margerie Line marry; DEC. 22 first child, Clarence Dion, born to them,
1939 MAR. 14 second child, Alan, born to Cecile and Carl Martin, Almsted Falls, OH; MAR. 15 twins, third and fourth children, Kathleen Ann and Dorothy Mae, born to Amby and Genevieve Driscoll with aunt Dorothy as nurse (one named for nurse and one by her); JULY 11 James born to Donald and Jennie Halm, JULY 27 fourth child, Yvonne, born to Gladys and Raymond Cousineau; SEPT. first child, Bettie Jean, born to Georgie Eugene and Margerie Towe; second child,  Patrick  Lee, born to Amby and Genevieve Driscoll, Saginaw, MI; OCT. 21 Dorothy Driscoll marries Donald Warfield, St. John's Church, Jackson, MI; Ann J. Murphy dies; first son, Brian, born to Sylvia and Donald Pugh, 11 NOV. 11 Paul A. Wetzel, 83, died in Schlesien, Germany, survived by Bertha (Halm) Wetzel
1940 JAN. 20 Beatrice Addis marries Robert Fenderbush; SEPT. 26 second child, Mary Irene, born to Georgie Eugene and Margerie Towe; fourth child, Daniel, born to Leland and Clara Atkin; fifth child, a son, born to Gladys and Raymond Cousineau
1941 Herbert Halm and Mary Virginia Stephenson marry, JAN. 14 fourth child, Richard Tracy, born to Hal and Isabel Driscoll with Dorothy and Donald Warfield as godparents; FEB. 4 Timothy James born to Dorothy and Donald Warfield, nurse Isabel Warfield, godparents uncle James Driscoll and aunt Patricia Warfield; Verne Driscoll goes into army and brother Hal joins brother James at Albion fruit market
1942 fifth child, Mary Jo, born to Hal and Isabel Driscoll, JUNE 3 Maria Clara (Hernberger) Halm died at Buena Vista, Saginaw Co., MI after 39 years of marriage
1943 second child, Judy, born to Dorothy and Donald Warfield
1944 sixth child, Elizabeth Ann "Betsy", born to Hal and Isabel Driscoll, MAY 3 1944 Wendelin Halm, 71, dies in Buena Vista, Saginaw Co., MI, just 2 years after his wife
1945 while working at her brother Amby's grocery Lucille Driscoll had met Joseph Herman Halm; they'd  written while he served in the Pacific and when he returned he offered her an engagement ring for Christmas
1946 Josef Halm, 74, died, AUG. 27 Lucille Driscoll marries Joseph Herman Halm, St. John's Church, Jackson, MI
1947 AUG. 3 first child, Michael Joseph, born over two months prematurely to Lucille and Joseph Halm in Saginaw, MI; fifth child, David, born to Leland and Clara Atkin
1948 Martha Ann Eberle widowed, first child, Linda, born to Amby and Anita Delma (Greieve); JAN. 8 third child, Jon Edward, born to Peter and Ann Halm, JAN. 31 Leonardo H. born to Joseph and Margaret (Halm Gawne) Lopez, MAY sixth child, Timothy, born to Leland and Clara Atkin, OCT. 6 fourth child, a son, born to Peter and Ann Halm and died 2 days later
1949 DEC. 25 second child, Mary Christine, born to Lucille and Joseph Halm, Saginaw, MI
1950 second child, Maureen, born to Amby and Del Driscoll; seventh child, Linda, born to Leland and Clara Atkin
1951 JUNE 15 third child, Terrence Timothy, born to Lucille and Joseph Halm, Jackson, MI
1952 Dennis born to Amby and Del Driscoll; Daniel born and soon dies; Amo Atkin marries Ralph, JUN. 30 Jon Edward Halm, 4, dies, SEPT. Bertha (Halm) Wetzel, 94, died  in Kreis Frankenstein, Schlesien, Germany (children Martha Ann, George Sylvester, Herbert J., Elfreida, Ida Lucy)
1953 first child, Ralph, Jr., born to Amo, dies in infancy
1954 first child, Gloria Canull born to Joan, (would marry  Batterson); AUG. 1 Dorothy dies at 43, Jackson MI; NOV. 5 fourth child, Joseph James, born to Lucille and Joseph Halm
1956 MAR. 9  Goldie Driscoll dies age 71 in her bed, it is said, listening to a hockey game, Jackson, MI
1957 David marries Stella A. Holody
1958 second child, Fred Canull, born to Joan; first child, Linda, born to David and Stella Driscoll
1959 third child, Robin Canull born to Joan, later marries Brooks; second child, David T. born to David and Stella Driscoll; MAY 21 fifth child, Jeff, born to Amby and Del Driscoll
1960 Herbert Halm and Mary Virginia (Stephenson) divorce, third child, Dianne, born to David and Stella Driscoll; JAN 3 John E. Neuenfeldt dies (married Mary Lou (Kleineidam) who later married Pierce, children, Catherine Ann (married Thomas B. William), Michael John, Cindy Lou, Linda Sue), JUNE 18 Kathleen Driscoll married Edward Eisch at Saginaw, MI
1961 fourth child, Cindy, born to Joan Canull; JUNE 17 Dorothy Driscoll married Richard Douglas at Mt. Pleasant, MI; OCT. 20 James Aloysius Driscoll dies at 78 at son Verne's, Jackson, MI; DEC. 9 fifth child, Kathleen Marie stillborn to Lucille and Joseph Halm;
1962 fourth child, Daniel, born to David and Stella Driscoll; JUNE 20 sixth child, Jayne, born to Amby and Del Driscoll
1963 JULY 13 Timothy Warfield marries; JULY 23 Alfred W. Halm, 57, dies, SEPT. 26 Judy Warfield marries, OCT. 18 Herman Joseph Halm, 88, dies in Flint, Genesee Co., MI
1964 Lucille's family attempt to take trip around Lake Michigan but only get as far as her sister Marian's in Grand Rapids, MI because Rambler broke down; JULY 1 David first child of Patrick Driscoll and Louise (Coles) born
1965 AUG. 18 Clare, second child of Patrick and Louise Driscoll, born
1966 DEC. 10 Nancy, third child of Patrick and Louise Driscoll, born at Long Branch, NJ
1967 JUNE 9 Linda Driscoll, 19, marries Thomas Nichols at Saginaw, MI; Lisa born to David and Stella; JULY 12 Tracy Marie born to Mary Jo Driscoll
1968 JULY 30 Martha Ann Eberle dies, SEPT. 29 Kenny James born to Mary Jo Driscoll
1969 JAN. 20 Peter Halm, 53, dies, OCT. 28 Michael Scott born to Mary Jo Driscoll
1970 first child, Jeffrey, born to Linda and Thomas Nichols; OCT. 29 Christopher Lee born to Mary Jo Driscoll
1971 Maureen Driscoll marries James Howell, NOV. 5 Elfrieda Welzel of General Motors, 80, dies, buried from Peter ana Paul DEC. 26 William P. Halm, 35, dies
1973 JAN. 23 Herbert J. Welzel of Welzel Hardware dies
1974 SEPT. 9 first child, Rebecca, born to Maureen and James Howell
1975 second child, Colleen, born to Linda and Thomas Nichols; second child, Heather, born to Maureen and James Howell; Dennis Driscoll married Beth Anderson
1976 AUG. 18 Leonardo Lopez, 28, dies
1977 JAN. Margarite (Kaufield) Hayes, 84, dies, MAY 25 Lucille Halm, 52, dies after five years with cancer at Jackson, MI; AUG. 27 Joseph James Halm marries Cindy Kill, St. John's Church, Jackson
1978 first child, John David, born to Dennis and Beth Droiscoll; FEB. 26 first child, Michele "Shelly", born to Joseph and Cindy Halm
1979 JAN. 10 Louis C. Gawne, 71, dies (married Rosemond "Margaret" Margurite Halm), FEB 10 Joseph Lopez, 84, dies, APR. 2 second child, Joseph Patrick, born to Joseph and Cindy Halm
1980 MAR. 15 second child, James, born to Dennis and Beth Driscoll, AUG. 8 Howard Berry, 74, dies, a year after his wife Helen
1981 Verne Driscoll, 64, dies; FEB. 16 James Welzel, 65, dies, JUNE 20 Joseph Herman Halm remarries to Opal A. Marker and so becomes stepfather to Roger Harrell, Ruth Wilson and Karla Embody, stepgrandfather to and  stepgreat grandfather
1983 APR. 9 Jeff marries to Hannah Hartley
1984 APR. 3 third child, William, born to Dennis and Beth Droiscoll; Linda K. Driscoll, 26, marries Robert M. Waldo; JAN. 3 James Clarence Driscoll dies at 68 at Jackson, Mich, survived by "Peat" Athena (Panagokas).; JULY 28 Terrence Halm marries Karen Ann Martin, Queen's, Jackson, MI
1985 MAY 11 first child, RaeAnn, born to Jeff and Hannah Driscoll; Jayne Driscoll marries Tony Jessop, DEC. 16 Donald Robert Halm, 78, dies (married Jennie B. Gardner, children, Joan, Rose, Richard, Ronald, Jerry, Donald, James)
1986 third child, Samuel, born to Maureen and James Howell; second child, Tyler, born to Jeff and Hannah Driscoll; O'Driscoll registry started in Baltimore, Ireland, with clan gathering in August, JULY 18 Harold R. Delaney, 76, dies, survived by Rosemary T. (Halm) and children, Harold Jr., Daniel Herman and Judith Gibson Shilling, NOV. 6 Elfreieda Marcella Kaufield dies
1987 Ashley and Eric born to Linda and Robert Waldo,
1988  Max Schmidt, 83, dies (married Maria Halm)
1989 fourth child, Jeffrey, born to Dennis and Beth Driscoll; Christopher Zurn marries Stacy Driscoll, AUG. 3 Helen (Halm) Berry, 74, dies in Midland, MI, , SEPT. 9 Ida Lucy Welzel (Mother Mary Aquinata, O. P.), 92, dies
1990 third child, Jordan, born to Jeff and Hannah; Robert Krause, Maxine Driscoll's husband, dies; Harold Christopher Jordan born JAN. 6 Daniel W. Kaufeld, Sr., 89, (son Jr.), dies, JUNE 19 to Christopher and Staci Zurn
1991 Dianne Driscoll marries Jeff Zottoli; Kenneth Zurn marries Dorian; Judy Warfield dies at 48; JUNE 30 Nancy Driscoll marries John Amato at Long Beach, NJ
1992 first child, Katie Lyn, born to Jayne and Tony Jessop; Daniel Driscoll marries Nancy Ewing; JUNE 29 Heath Jacob born to Christopher and Staci Zurn
1994 FEB. Mary Virginia Halm, 71, dies, survived by Herbert, MAR. 28 Margaret (Halm Gawne) Lopez, 71, dies (children Walter, Mary Ann, Jerry, Marjorie Gawne and Virginia, Delores Leonardo H. Lopez)
1995 first child, Robert "Robby" Howell Boyes born to Heather (Driscoll); MAY 31 Linda Nichols, 47, dies of cancer; JULY 27 Walter P. Halm dies 2 days before his 87th birthday, AUG. 2 Donald Halm, 64, dies, OCT. 3 Jordan Reane born to Tracy Zurn; OCT. 28 Clare married Wesley Shin at Trenton Falls, NJ;  NOV. 4 Joseph J. Halm remarries to Frances "Fran" Thrush (having met in a divorced support group)
1996 Maxine (Driscoll) Solomon dies at 73; FEB. 21 Elsie (Kaufield) Harms, 104 5/6, dies,  MAR. 22 Alfred J. Halm dies 1 day before his 65th birthday, MAY 23 Herbert Halm, plumber,  77, dies in Bushnell, FL, APR. 16 Marjorie (Gawne Wing) Lopez, 63, dies (daughter Cecilia Gawne), JULY 16 Jeff Nichols marries Carol Foess; AUG. 22 Josef Bachmeyer, 68, dies, (widow, Christa Schmidt, children, Johannes (married Gabriele Rolf, children Sebastian, Dominik), Doris (married Christian Dragomir, children, Stefan))
 OCT.16 Alisha Yvonne born to Jeff and Carol Driscoll; OCT. 19 Joseph H. Halm, 74, dies at Hillsdale Hospital, MI after a year of chemotherapy
1997 Shawn Driscoll married in Ireland, APR. 9 James Halm, 58, dies, OCT. 6 Margaret (Wieczorick) Kleineidam, 92, dies (children, Elizabeth (married Robert Carey), Mary Lou (married John E. Neuenfeldt and a Mr. Pierce)
1998 MAR. 14 Colleen Nichols marries David Curry; Dennis and Beth Driscoll divorce, JUL 26 Rosemary T. (Halm) Delaney, 86, dies, (children, Harold Jr., Daniel Herman, Judith Gibson, Shilling), SEPT. 22 Anna (Lorenzo) Halm, 76, dies (son, Walter J. and granddaughter, Katie)
1999 FEB. 27 Mary Ann (Gavit) Halm, 92, dies, MAR. 14 Lila Mae Halm, 69, dies