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                                         MPOSSIBILITIES 78                        Januarius 1661 A. C.
   There are so many things that we could do with our new HP Pavilion 6835, that it's hard to choose. (One is using this "comic" font to give the newsletter the proper atmosphere.)
    We could report on the recent chatroom discussion on AOL on Nessie. Some knew that the displayed photo had been exposed as a hoax (well, a belatedly identified simulation, at least.). Some disbelieved just because they thought it unthinkable that one creature could have survived since prehistory (when a "new" species would for most be quite unbelievable enough.)
    One thing is go back into our collection of old email and pick out the shortlived Unexplained Mysteries Newsletter (formerly Journal of the Unexplained). For a few months earlier this year there was a weekly newletter put out by
In addition, a new section has been added to the sightings database page, called "Strange Phenomen", and contains 2 new stories submitted by site visitors. The two stories are called "The Sixth Sense" and "The Shadow People."
 By popular request, the Videos section was upgraded recently, with a better design, and a number of new Video Clips available free for download. There are 4 UFO Video clips, 1 Space UFO Clip, and 2 Strange Creature Clips in the video archive up for grabs. More clips
to follow soon.
General Discussion Board: "gateways between now and the after life"  by Marilyn D. "Invisability Experiments" by Homer
Latest Unexplained News and Book Releases: "New!! - Roswell UFO crash photo" by Homer, Bigfoot and Mysterious Creature Sightings:
"Bigfoot  -- Talker Recording" by Magikman;
UFOs: "The Time Travelling Humans / UFO Theory" by Homer ), b y SaRuMaN
Cryptozoology and Mysterious Creatures: "Bigfoot Diet" by Norabdawg;
Ghosts, Hauntings and The Paranormal: "The St. Francisville Experiment ??" by saphire, "The Word 'Poltergeist'" by Reba, by SaRuMaN;
"World War 3" by Homer, "Alien Abductions and UFO Sightings" by Homer, by SaRuMaN; "Who Are The Men In Black?" by SaRuMaN, by Homer; "Premonitions" by SaRuMaN, "Oak Island" by Magikman

   A couple of additions this week. The author of "The Sixth Sense" story, has contributed further material, which has been added to the Stange Phenomena Section of the sightings database. In addition, we have been sent a fantastic series of drawings and diagrams that have been created to depict a couple of classic UFO Sightings. The really incredible drawings have been added to the "Submitted Images" section, and both the images and story that go with them, are available for viewing in the UFO Sightings section and UFO Phenomenon Encyclopedia Page.

   The Bull's Head Poltergeist
Last week we were in touch with the webmaster of the official Bull's Head Inn web site, the same inn that is featured in the "Bull's Head Poltergeist" story in the Sightings Database. Several years ago, the Inn was the site of considerable poltergeist activity,
and has remained one of the most incredible haunting cases to date. I asked the webmaster whether or not the Pub was still being haunted today - "The present landlord has been there nearly 18 months now, and has not had any sort of supernatural goings on. I've been
down the cellar hundreds of times and have never seen anything either I'm glad to say!"
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   We also have discovered some handy (?) new words in They Have a Word for It: A lighthearted Lexicon of Untranslatable Words and Phrases by Howard Rheingold. The "untranslatable" part is a bit hyperbolic, but they do require jootsy thinking, jumping-out-of-the-system of one language into another:
animateur: [French ahn-ee-maht-ĆR] person respected for communicating  difficult, technical concepts in easily understood, commonplace language
baraka: [Arabic bah-RAH-kah] spiritual energy or aura of blessedness created when  a person or group touches Oneness that empowers that person, group or even places or objects
bardo: [Tibetan BAR-doh] mental state transitional between fear and longing, sanity and insanity, confusion and wisdom, life and Life
beluthahatchee: [Afro-American beh-LU-thuh-hat-shee] legendary, blissful,  dreamy state where all wrongs are forgiven and forgotten
biga peula: [New Guinean Kiriwina BEE-kuh POOL-uh] expressing inexpressable mokitas
bricoleur: [French BRIH-coh-lúr] tinkerer who constructively messes around without a preconceived plan
davka: [Hebrew DUHV-kuh] because this is a fallen, imperfect world, not quite the same as stam
farpotshket: [Yiddish far-PAHTSH-ket] potential fubar (foul-up beyond all recovery) resulting from repeated attempts to fix a snafu (situation normal, all fouled up)
fisseliger: [German FIS-el-ig-er] person flustered to the point of distraction by an unwanted and not-so-helpful kibitzer or nagging supervisor
ho'oponopono: [Hawaiian HOH-OH-poh-noh-poh-noh] solving a problem by talking it out in something like a combination of locked-door arbitration and religious ceremony
hózhíq: [Navaho HOHSHK] beauty that is not only in the eye but from the heart of the beholder and spreading out into the rest of creation
hsüeh: [Chinese HSOO-eh] knowledge available to anyone willing to study
koyaanisqatsi: [Hopi koi-ahn-iss-KAH-tsee] life style so out of balance as to call for a new life style
kula: [Trobriand Islander KOO-lah] neverending cycle of gift and gift history sharing  
lagniappe: [Creole lan-YAP] unexpected bonus or gratuity beyondthe terms of a contract written or tacit, reward for patient or friendly potential customer
maya: [Sanskrit MAH-yah] mistaken belief that any symbol, any word, any conceptualization, all creation itself is more than a mere representation of Truth
mokita: [New Guinean Kiriwina Moh-KEE-tah] truth everybody knows but which is left unexpressed to the point of eventually becoming unthinkable
mu: [Japanese MOO] answer to question both unanswerable and, if questioner had more understanding, unaskable
nadi: [Balinese NAH-dee] temporarily living in an altered state of consciousness as do the gifted, inspired
ocurrencia: [Spanish oh-koo-REHN-see-ya] sudden, unobvious bright idea or witty remark
pontisti: [Italian PON-tis-tee] experts at scheduling an unofficial holiday between the weekend and an official holiday, like day after Thanksgiving
potlatch: [Haida POT-latsh] giving away of material wealth, even competitive generousity, to improve social status, detachment, community
sabsung: [Thai SAHB-soong] quenching an emotional or spiritual thirst and the feeling after having an inexpressible need met
shih: [Chinese SHEE] insightful, elegant knowledge marked by good taste and good judgement
Schlimmbesserung: [German shlim-BESS-air-oong] so-called improvements that are nothing of the kind but make things worse, not quite the same as farpotshket
stam: [Hebrew shtahm] just because that is the way it is, not quite the same as davka
tartle: [Scottish TAR-tul] fail to remember something that you reasonably ought to like the name of a familiar person or thing
Treppenwitz: [German TREP-en-wits] witty remark, perfect reparte remembered after opportune moment has passed
wabi: [Japanese WAH-bee] distinctive flawed detail that creates an elegant, more beautiful, even uniquely beautiful, whole
wei-wu-wei: [Chinese WAY-woo-WAY] conscious inaction, doing nothing at the proper time and for the proper reason
yoin: [Japanese YOH-een] experience that continues to move interiorly long after the initial external stimulus thus linking past and present, Nature and ma, artist and art-lover
yugen: [Japanese YOO-gehn] awareness of creation triggering feeling too deep and mysterious for words
Zeitgeist: [German ZYT-gyst] prevailing mood/politics/fashions/artistic trends of a particular past era [To us it looks rather like it's the adjectival form of  Zeitgeism, akin to fad-worship.]
Zivilcourage: [German tsee-VEEL-koo-RAH-zheh] courage to express the right side of an important question that needs to be but isnít being because itís unpopular,
   The new Disney movie, "Atlantis: the Lost Empire" may appear to be a Jules Vernesque fantasy-adventure, but it takes much from the fantasies of the New Age. In his book, Imagining Atlantis, Richard Ellis immerses himself in Atlantology and reports that he has found not one bit of geographical or historical evidence that the Lost Continent ever existed. He concludes that Atlantis must therefore be seen as only a myth.
   Katherine Whittemore notes that if you target the subject of Atlantis -- there are some 2,000 to 10,000 Atlantean works out there -- you must explode endless philosophical clay pigeons. There are an infinite number of crackpot explanations regarding the lost city's location and demise, as marine expert Richard Ellis admits.
  Plato's Atlantis supposedly existed 9,000 years before he wrote that (though many "scholars", she points out, think he meant 900 years, which places Atlantis in the biblical era Ė at the time of the fall of the Minoan island civilization). Some believe Atlantis was the Garden of Eden and that the few who escaped its ruination lived to create the Deluge and Flood "legends"; the most famous proponent of this hypothesis was Ignatius Donnelly, an eccentric Minnesota congressman whose 1882 tome, Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, is still in print.
   After Donnelly came Madame Blavatsky, founder of Theosophy, who taught Atlantis was populated by a hermaphroditic race whose downfall came from the discovery of sex. Archeologist Angelos Galanopolousí book posits, among other things, that eels offer a clue to Atlantis. As Mark Hammon puts it in  "Living Crystals of Atlantis"  "only the incorruptible biological memories of some eels in their yearly progress from the European mainland to the Sargasso Sea serves as a living reminder of what was once their spawning estuaries."
   "It gets weirder than eels," Whittemore declares. There's a hypothesis that pivots on bananas, another on Mayan deities, another on Antarctica. Einstein gets in on the act, plus Rachel Carson, Jacques Cousteau, Arthur C. Clarke, even Cokie Roberts. Many Atlanticists now believe Plato meant the Aegean, not the Atlantic, and that the fabled lost civilization is on or near Crete; it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption on Santorini.
  Dr. Alex Wessinís version based on Eisler, R., The Chalice and The Blade by R. Eisler and Gimbutas, M., "The Culture of the Goddess and the Rise of Andocracy," by M. Gimbutas is definitely radical feminist and having to do with goddess-worship, wicca.
"For the first 60,000 of humanity's years, we" or so he writes "dealt fairly, cooperatively and peacefully with each other. We worshipped the goddess of nature. These 60,000 years etched peace, trade and equality of the sexes on our unconscious."
  "From 9,000 to 5,000 B.C. (the Neolithic), peaceful farmers of Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor raised surplus animals, fodder, grain and peas. Surplus fed towns of hundreds or even thousands. Unwalled Neolithic towns lacked weapons caches or signs of war-damage. They also lacked slavery, caste, class or vast wealth differences. By 6,000 B.C., they colonized the islands and shores of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. We call their peaceful trading network Atlantis, or Minoan civilization.  Frescos show festive bare-breasted women and men with skimpy clothes"
   "Starting 7,000 years ago, Indo-Aryan (Kurgian) invaders from the Eurasian steppes suppressed the Goddess. Aryan themes -- domination, glorifying war, suppressing women, conquering nature, building ever-more efficient weapons -- reign to this day. Yet the older themes of the loving nature goddess and the civilization of Atlantis did not die. They live as archetypes -- ideals all humans have -- within us. They've been part of our nature ten times longer than Aryan archetypes."
  "So nowadays, more and more of us meditate and use hypnosis, holotropic breathwork and other New Age technologies" he goes on "to access archetypes, we again meet the Goddess and stroll Atlantis."
   From the Lemuria website we learn that others believe that Atlantis and Lemuria were around partially at the same time and that the more scientific-rational group inhabited Atlantis, and Lemuria had more individuals that were more artistically and spiritually inclined. Some also believe that large-scale experiments which took place in Atlantis caused the eventual destruction of both civilizations because of dramatic geo-physical dislocations. Some believe that Mu (aka Lemuria) was populated from another planet, so any and all discussion of alien origin, or return, or activities has been of interest. It is believed by others that certain alien species have infiltrated for their own nefarious purposes.
  The Atlanteans (or Atlantians) are described as "noncorporeal mindstreams, who could project themselves into the material world. You can think of them as "aliens" in that truest of senses, for they were not bipeds or monopeds. They floated about with -- for lack of a better phrase -- an atmosphere" sounding very much like the prince of the power of the air. (Eph 2:2)
 "The very first Atlanteans were physically very big. The so-called "giants" of the Bible (Gen 6:4), the myths of the Titans, are all reflections of these events."
  "The highest accomplishment of their material creation was the "living crystals." These were to their consciousness what transistors are to ours. And it is in the last 20,000 years of Atlantis that these technologies came into full blossom, which is still 32,500 years BC."
Dr. Joshua David Stone in "Trapped Essenses" writes that the Sons of Belial created what he calls pseudo-crystals to look like regular crystals, and that some of them are coming to the surface of the planet now. "Spirit guide" Ashtar says that these crystals don't feel right when you pick them up. The energy in them feels dead. Most of the pseudo-crystals look like clear quartz, smoke quartz, and a lavender shade of amethyst. You will not be able to know a pseudo-crystal by just looking at it. You will have to feel it to know for sure, although when viewed clairvoyantly, the distinction is obvious. Ashtar says that there are hundreds of thousands of pseudo-crystals.
  One of these was taken to Egypt, where it was impressed with the conscious awareness of all the Atlanteansí history, all their knowledge and what they could of their living culture. It is in this sense that the crystal is "living," he claims, not that the crystal itself is biological and it is this crystal that is about to be unearthed.