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issue 82 crop circles
issue 81 sequences (re)discovered, weird, bizarre and paranormal news
79 letter, possession, SIG News, Bizarre News, Ethicalculus
issue 78 SIG News, Good Ol' 2000 (Interpreting the Dead Sea Scrolls), The New Millenium (Exciting New Millenium Prophesies: And How they will change your life forever!), Claus and Effect, Mind Controllers, What Happened on the Moon?, Forbidden Science, The End of Time, Strange and Unexplained Happenings, Mysteries of the Mind, Noah's Flood, Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?, Icons of Evolution, Forbidden Archeology, Relics
issue 77 An Mpossible Glossary
issue 76  Unexplained Mysteries newsletter, Untranslatables, Atlantology

75 Buried Alive: The Startling Truth About Neanderthal Man, The Physics of Angels: Exploring the Realm Where Science and Spirit Meet, "", "Anpsy', "Telepathy", Truely Weird: Real Life Cases of the Paranormal, Why People Believe WeirdThings, You andYour Superstitions, electrinology, "Uni- vs. Multi-" [Just Six Numbers]

74 bone-shaped asteroid Kleopatra, oogology (a new branch of surreal number theory), Dr. Otto Wolfe's genetic engineering, Dr. Frank Chavis' report on Sasquatch, Dr. Leo Gatelman on the Aurally Transmitted Syndome, Nessie, Spontaneous Human Combustion stats, the Anno Confusionis Calendar, numbers beyond a googolplex, the FAQ "Why do it?"

73 "Academia nuts" (Dr. Frederick Dubner's air pollution theory), Dr. Fritz Weller's quake theory, Dr. Willard Ostonowi's genetic experiments and Dr. Mark Crealer's moon warning), the Lucy Benawell case, paraufology, noopneustia (Occult Phenomena in the Light of Theology), psions, Sacred Palindromes of the Bible, Mary captures trespasser, websites (ParaScope, Journal of the Unexplained), Milabs: Military Mind Labs and Alien Abduction, Buried Alive, Nephilim), animal and human brains