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issue 75
  "All things are possible ..." (Mt 19:26)

  Jack Cuozzo's book Buried Alive: The Startling Truth About Neanderthal Man is not one that would please the professional
Scientist, the kind we like. We especially like his answer to the question of how he could try to disprove the fossil evidence he
was so graciously allowed to see. ("Why not?" comes immediately to our mind.) Cuozzo suggests"consider what Jesus has said about leading little ones astray. False museum displays and text book diagrams do lead children astray."
  His book is more than a presentation of his case based on an fresh look at the evidence against human evolution it's the David-vs.
-Goliath story of a Christian dentist against Darwinist paleoanthropologists.
  Cuozzo noticed what looks like a pair of bullet holes and evidence of acromegaly in the Rhodesian Man skull. He noted the tooth enamel loss (implying an age of at least 125 years) of La Ferrassie I, brow ridge growth (masticatory anchorage) of La Chapelle-aux-
Saints, the gonial angle of the lower jaw, the immature tympanic bone around the ear of Le Moustier. His computer projections of soft facial tissue growth for quincentenarians remind us of the faces of Easter Island statues.

   Even though The Physics of Angels: Exploring the Realm Where Science and Spirit Meet authors do raise a lot of questions, they don't seem to give a lot of answers, understandably since Matthew Fox is a New Age Episcopalian and Rupert Sheldrake an evolutionist.
  The most interesting thing for us was Fox's term for surreal numbers ending in an infinite number of zeros, like an oogol, 10-to-00, twogol, to-the-second (10-to--00), oogolplex, (10-to-the-10th)-to-00, and other multiples just mentioned in
last issue -- angelic numbers. New too to us was Arthur Koestler's handy term "holarchy" for a nested hierarchy.
  The authors' perspective seems otherwise to be decidedly
prerelativistic, even premicroscopic. They refer to the macrocosm and
the microcosm, but identify man with the microcosm. We prefer the
system which places man between an infinite macrocosm and an
infinitesimal microcosm, in the "mecrocosm" (from the analogy,
   They speculate on the angels' intermediate state between the
material and the immaterial, which by analogy with "mpossibilities"
would be "mmaterial" [or written phonetically: "emmaterial"; similarly
nfinities, nrationals and rrationals (Mpossibilities 68:1, 74:1) would
be "enfinities", "enrationals" and "arrationals"], material with
respect to [wrt] God, immaterial wrt us.
  When talking about angelic inspiration, prejudice against channeling,
 guardian angels and angels' natural supernaturality, they make us
think about the complimentary terms they never talk about: demonic
"exspiration", "postjudice", "disgardian" demons and demons' unnatural
  They refer to Hildegard's placing Christians in the Tenth Choir,
above the angels' traditional nine, and how each order sees, knows,
completes and praises Mystery more than the order below, how our
creativity and glorification amaze them and inspire their song. Their
song is however in a language we can no longer understand, because it
is more universal, acultural,

  In our humble opinion the website is better than the TV series, but
the series, "Freaky Links", is better than the Mulderless "X-files" and
the not so mysterious "Mysterious Ways".  Check it out -- and ours too
( The series (or is that seeries
[eerie + series]?) does have references to spontaneous human
combustion, the twin phenomenon, the Roanoak colony disappearance,
phonecall premonitions, demonic impersonation of the dead as well as
the murder mystery of how the founder of the website (formerly dead -- or did he?
  From our original Fortean Mysteries SIG member recently rejoined,
Ellie Fithian, we got a question about another freaky link, the Journal
of the Unexplained mentioned in Mpossibilities 72:2. We were happy with
what we received from it rather regularly via email for a while and
then it suddenly and mysteriously stopped about a year ago. Perhaps we
forgot to renew our subscription. We found it again alive and well at and the only Derek Barneses
we found while surfing were also from the U. K. Freaky, eh?
  Among the things in the Freak-o-pedia are: Dr. Alex Tystromb's theory
of extraterrestrial origin for such unearthly plants as the Venus
Flytrap, of the sundew family, which as you all should remember
originated in a meteor crater in N. Carolina, a pickled baby Jersey
Devil; a Civil War era photo of a pterodactyl and, new to us Yankees,
kudzu monkeys.
  For fans of the series, to which the above website admits no
connection, Barnes refers visitors to
  We also recently revisited the Parascope site (,
put up by the Parascope Dispatch ($18/yr). Their thing is mostly
conspiracy theory and UFOlogy, but do have "Fortean Slips" by D. Trull
and "Remote Viewing in Review" by Paul H. Smith.

  Elly also says: "I was especially interested in the story of the pet
boa constrictor who escaped from his cage in Miami and wound up at his
owner's new home in Pittsburgh. I didn't think that snakes developed
such attachment to people. My garter snakes like to be fed and don't
mind being handled, but if given the chance, they would be gone back to
the wild."
  We can only speculate, but perhaps since the boa was so far from its
natural wild it sought out its handler or more likely the boa was
imprinted on the human. It does make one wonder about human-animal
attachments and anpsi (animal parapsychology).
  On "Sights" in 1993 was a story of dogs able to warn of imminent
epileptic seizures, but they could not determine whether it was by SSP
(supersensory perception) or ESP (extrasensory perception).
  On "I Talk to Animals" Samantha Khury, animal therapist, told how she
had an elephant tell her telepathically that its feet hurt, a cat that
its back hurt, a horse that it needed a vacation.
  Penelope Smith has written Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic
Communication and made a companion video, Telepathic Communication with
Animals both of which also talk of non-verbal mind-to-mind
communication with animals, which would certainly aid travel from Miami
to Pittsburgh.

  In our favorite authority on the subject, Occult Phenomena in the
Light of Theology by Alois Weissinger, explains telepathy as
soul-to-soul communication, a remnant preternatural ability of the
human soul, an uncontrollable wild talent (to use Charles Fort's apt
term), still possible [Or is that empossible? Between impossible and
possible?] when the soul is at least partially free from the body. It's
when the power of corporal soul is decreased (like the upper iceberg
melting) so the powers of the spirit-soul rise up (like the larger
hidden lower iceberg). Thus the snake owner in our story simply called
the boa home, probably while he slept. Not so mysterious now after all,
is it? If you've never telepathed to your pet maybe.
  Weissinger does warn about the danger of seeking to control these
occult powers. You wouldn't want to get too into the mind of a boa
constrictor! Or take on demons without adequate weapons, which is a
reason for occult research and fortean studies.
  Much of what passes for psychic powers, according to Weissinger, is
actually this sort of telepathy. Postcognition and  remote veiwing
(formerly clairvoyance) is soul communication across space-time. Nearly
all fortune telling is just telling a fool what he or she already knows
or wants to happen. The interesting cases are the things that happen
that are surprising. (Mpossibilities 74:6)

  The first case in Truly Weird: Real Life Cases of the Paranormal by
Jenny Randles is the Bermuda Triangle. Interestingly in the Old Farmers
Almanac 2001 we find a related brief article called "Tracking Down
Offtrack Beliefs" which refers to Michael Shermer's Why People Believe
Weird Things: Pseudoscience, Superstition and Other Confusions of Our
Time in which Shermer hypothesizes about the Bermuda Triangle with
"perhaps we notice only the things that we're looking for." His
comments on the search for Bigfoot is also quoted: "We've seen enough
tracks. Find the body already."
  In the same section on superstitions they quote also Brewton Berry's
You and Your Superstitions. He notes that an itchy nose can mean to the
superstitious (1) you will have a visitor, (2) see your true love
before night, (3) kiss a stranger, (4) kiss a fool, or (5) be angry.
  Randles is not so substitious, but seems to try to fairly present all
sides. She refers to C.Berlitz (Bermuda Triangle), Loren Coleman, Larry
Kusche (The Bermuda Triangle Solved), John Keel, Paul Devereux, Michael
Persinger and Ghyslaine Lafreniere (Space-Time Transients).
  The book can only very briefly skim the cases, of course, even when
there is ample evidence to sift through, but mentions the most
mysterious case of the submarine Scorpion crushed May 28, 1968 -- that
apparently sent a coded message a day later! (That could also be
evidence for LDEs [long delayed echoes], but that's another mystery --
or maybe not.)
  Randles own opinion revealed in "The Author's Verdict" is that most
disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle are due to mundane causes and
some to abnormal magnetic fields, but none to interdimensional
  Humphrey J. Maris theorizes that electrons in ultracold liquid helium
can split into bubble-like fragments of various sizes which he calls
electrinoes -- just when we were beginning to understand the plethora
of other subatomic particles with quarks of charges of e/3 and 2e/3.

  Vera Kistiakowsky, M. I. T., is quoted in the November Discover's
cover story as saying "The exquisite order displayed by our scientific
understanding of the physical world calls for the divine." while Martin
Rees, the UK Astronomer Royal, thinks it's just a small isolated part
of the as-yet experimentally unverifiable multiverse. Both acknowledge
the importance of the six numbers in Rees' book, Just Six Numbers, but
they differ on whether other universes with other values of those
numbers are real or imaginary.
  Rees' six numbers are:
epsilon = .007 = nuclear force strength
N       = 1036 = nuclear/gravity force ratio
omega   = 3.5(10-40)gpcc = mass density
lambda  = 0+ = antigravity strength
Q       = 10-5 = universe expansion ripple amplitude
D       = 3 = spacial dimensions number
  We suspect that life may be much more widespread than either think
with infradimensionals (demons), ultradimensionals (angels),
immaterials and emmaterials and God only knows what else.